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  1. Because it's a good game and the music fit the game. and I'm a geek and proud of it.
  2. Currently binge watching The Expanse , then I'm going to watch both seasons of The Orville then if this beer virus still a thing ( likely big yes) I'm gonna pass more time by watching the classic era of Doctor Who series one through twenty six. And classic era part II the rtd & moffat eras. Since who ended in 2017 with Capaldi. Whatever that rubbish is with the last two series of who it's been discarded by the power of Mind Bleach.
  3. Listening to some easy listening for morning wake up
  4. Currently relaxing to some nice calming music found here
  5. After hearing alot about this viewer was awesome back in the old days. I am excited to be using it. I'm not disappointed at all. the 1416 build seems to heat up my 1080 ti card more then other viewers but the graphical fidelity and smoothness is worth it to me. I see why machima and photographers raved about the viewer. I hope to see more builds. KL has a fan in me. Big thanks !
  6. As an add on to what Skell has brilliantly outlined. With the SIgnature mesh heads. Inside there folders in the latest head versions there's an activator prim that when added will act as a relay to activate the head's Bakes on Mesh. It'll turn the head red to indicate it's safe to remove your head alpha and use a bakes on mesh skin. Hopefully this is useful , cheers folks.
  7. I have bought most of the men's mesh bodies. The Belleza Jake I feel is in today's market somewhat lacking. It's a nice body but could use an update and leaves me wanting more. The hud's a bit slow but no where as problematic as the hud for Legacy ( especially in a moderate traffic sim.) Legacy while it has a nice sculpt for the body and looks good. I find it's render cost to be to high to use outside of your private home, so it's impractical for daily use if you do alot of travelling around the grid or attend faires, events etc. While SIgnature Gianni may have it's own quirks, both it and the slimmer Geralt I've had alot of success with. Signatures hud is easy to use easy to set stuff up. Handles bom very nicely and both signature bodies also have omega built in. No relay required. Which is a big plus for me. Why more bodies don't do that is still a mystery but each to there own. Aes, is one the few bodies I don't have much experience with outside of some demos so I can't give any input on it. For terms of support , clothing , skins . Signature gianni I feel leads the pack by a signifigant margin. Followed by likely either Legacy mens , or Belleza Jake , slinks redux, then Geralt although I have seen more support for Geralt of late and less of slink. For me I like the redux system for Bakes on Mesh ( BoM) it's a throwback to early mesh days and pre mesh bodies, but sometimes old school is not a terrible thing either.
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