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  1. I have 2 accounts. The first I left to collect dust after deciding to leave SL. When I returned I decided to still keep her retired and just started a new one.
  2. AKA one of the few good things to come out of that abysmally mediocre remake.
  3. Shadow is sort of a new company that specializes in virtual machines fit for high end gaming. I have a lower end graphics card and though it is not integrated it isn't really up for even semi-demanding games. Which is normally fine for me. I prefer old school RPGs 90% of the time. But I've always wanted to come back to SL so I looked into Shadow's services and decided to do a trial even though the reviews for the service ranged from PERFECTION to DOESN'T WORK WELL FOR ME. I've been using it for about a day and a half now for this and Fortnite and I think I'm in the former category thus far. I think the outcome you get really does depend on if you are close to one of their servers and how speedy your net connection is. So I decided to make this post to A) See how many others use Shadow and if so what are their results and B) Spread the word of Shadow for those who are dealing with dismal Desktops and crummy Chromebooks. I think for those struggling to play SL or want to play it at the highest settings but don't have the hardware to back it up, then maybe Shadow's 10 day $10 dollar trial is worth a shot. Apparently, it also works for iOS and Android too but I haven't tried those yet.
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