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  1. Thank you all for the help! I re-meshed the clothespins to lower the polys on them, reduced it by a couple hundred or so. I took your advise, @ChinRey and just made a simple V-Shaped single-sided plane for the physics. I read a thread about how to make a picture frame work so inworld pics would fit perfectly, so I was able to join the entire mesh and upload it as 1 object, with 6 Faces. The total LI now is 1LI. It was originally 2LI but it was fairly large and out of proportion compared to my avi, so I resized it inworld which lowered the LI. Thanks again for helping me figure this out! Here's a pic of it inworld and textured.
  2. Hi All, I'm wondering anybody knows any builders who have quality mesh builds that don't fall apart if you zoom out. There's so many amazing creations out there but all of the demos I've looked at parts of the house disappear if you cam out and then all you see is the ugly black baked shadow texture. I have my viewer set on the default settings. Thanks in advance for any help! - Charlee
  3. HI all, Thanks for the replies. The picture frame in this pic is my 3rd attempt at modeling it. The clothes pins were over 500 poly each so I was simplifying the mesh since it was so small. The model prior to this that I tried to upload was a little higher poly count, probably a couple hundred more poly but it was 3 objects, each photo area was separated because I couldn't figure out how to get my photos taken inworld to fit the face correctly. I found a thread that someone explained how to do have one object photo frame work correctly so I was trying it again. @Wulfie Reanimator You may be right about the physics, I made a simple V-Shaped box around the shape of the frame, but I removed the top and bottom faces thinking this would reduce the polys on the physics (because I didn't know if that mattered). I will test it again later today after I finish re-working the mesh. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi All, I've been learning to mesh in blender and can now create simple mesh objects. I am planning to open a Marketplace store and sell my creations but I have wanted to build up some inventory before I do. So, I just keep practicing by making more things to sell. I am really confused on how the LI is calculated. None of my objects are very complex and the highest poly count has been around 2K for a coat rack with an attached bench. I made my own LODS and assigned faces to parts I thought customers might want to re-texture inworld. There were a total of 3 faces that could be textured. This object is one piece and only has 1 UV Map. The LI for uploading this was 2 (I created my own physics shape to use) Last night I made a ridiculously simple (or so I thought) photo frame that was basically 2 empty picture frames held together with hinges and had a wire strung across the inside of the frame and 2 floating photos were held onto the wire by clothes pins. It has 1650 polys. When I uploaded this model to the beta grid today, it had a LI of 32! This simple photo frame has less polys than the coat rack so I'm confused as to why it was so high. Does adding more material slots in blender increase LI? Thanks in advance for any input. - Charlee
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