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  1. There are many things i can say about the fs support. but i digress.
  2. This gift is called 'culprit sphynxie christmas angel' and its animesh... I know its a free gift and its probably from 'shop hop' or 'access'... unless i'm totally wrong. pic attached...
  3. I cannot find the store list with links for the shop hop December 2020 event. Does anyone know if its out? Can u please give me a link if u know of it?
  4. I understand I can look on 'search'. However I was looking for actual possible specific recommendations from people if possible.
  5. Do you have a cool place u like to hang out? Please share the LM, do tell if the place has lag and if u ever see others to chat with.
  6. Now that 'Lusthouse' has decided to charge $500L for a membership fee.... UUgggggg... Where is a 'sex club'/'bdsm' club that u like to hang out and or just watch?
  7. I'm using bom and the brows on the hud are applier brows. If anyone has first hand knowledge how to change the brow color i appreciate any experienced user assistance.
  8. hi... I need help with coloring my genus brows using the genus brow hud. I cannot figure it out. Right now i have brows on but they are white and i can't seem to change the color at all. I'm using the genus strong face free head.
  9. hi... i really need some brows. I would really really like bom brows. please... if u know of any bom brows i can color tint let me know. otherwise i need catwa and or lelutka brows with appliers. ty
  10. I am actually pretty good with my avi and figuring things out. But... i have never been able to figure out how to tint brows and hairbases when using a BOM brow/ hairbase... can someone please explain to me how to do this in most basic way possible?
  11. UPDATE... I just noticed what happened... its not the right body. im just really tired from rl work.... disregard post. I'm not allowed to remove post it now.
  12. I have been testing the free LEGACY classic body... but then i got message attached when I uploaded body today... This happened to both the upscaled body hud and the 'non-upscaled' body hud. What does this message mean on the hud and what should I do about it. I don't understand what I am supposed to do now to get the hud working again. thank you.
  13. Thanks for your comment. But i tried to state in the original post... I have literally looked at everything on marketplace... i am not happy with the choices on there. I'm looking for inworld choices for what I'm looking for. ty
  14. I would like well designed wings with nice bento (meaning NON- jerky bento movement) movement. And wings that are not overly large... or wings i can at least size down if i feel like it. I really want something that looks like demon, bat succubus or vampire type wings. I'm open to wing style as long as they look demon like. Most important i think... I want a color hud. I can't deal with no color hud or some type of wing color tinter available. I am NOT FINDING what i need/ want/ wish for on marketplace at all. I do NOT care about the price. I only wish to well designed wings.
  15. ok... i do have other wings i DO like the movement of. i will try to check if i can use the script or something from the other pair
  16. I have some bento wings i actually really like. I just bought them. but the bento movement is just not good. its just not. is there a way i can remove the bento movement and just make them flexi? that would make me happy. this is what i see when i look at CONTENT under EDIT mode in the picture attached. Please explain to me in a step by step very basic way how to change over to flexi if possible.
  17. I have heard of contracts before from others. But... For me i just discussed the details with my dom... such as limits and safe word. But, if a situation were to come up and i feel uncomfortable, etc i say so. I care about him. So, nothing i say is used against me. As far as the alts... I wanted to comment on this. I happen to share everything with my dom because i choose to do so. Its nothing forced from a contract or anything verbal. It depends on the relationship and what u feel comfortable with. Sharing information on alts, etc should never be forced. But, i do know and do agr
  18. by 'second life website' do u mean the original second life viewer?
  19. damn... i never even ever saw or noticed that trash can. thank u so much. amazing the things i miss.
  20. uuugggg... sorry everyone... i forgot to say i want to download it from my desktop. i forgot to add that piece of info. the pic i want for my profile is on my desktop. again... just talking about the main pic in front of the profile.
  21. does anyone know? to change my profile picture in front. the main pic. does it cost $10L? I thought it was free to change that one? am i wrong?
  22. ty... i did see those and i do like them.
  23. If i added some animations to the ANIMATION OVERRIDER in firestorm... Is there a way I can delete certain ANIMATIONS out of the animation overrider pop up box without deleting everything? I can't figure out how to delete only 1 - 2 animations out of the box without deleting the entire file they are sorted under in the animation pop up box. And i usually do not keep a copy of everything in my inventory. But it seems once they are in the animation pop up box its not possible to drag the animations back into my inventory using the 'drag' feature or cut & paste?
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