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  1. OMG! I COULD CRY RIGHT NOW! I just checked my Debug settings and that is whats wrong with my account! thank you so much!!!!!
  2. I've switched to different viewers and nothing seems to be working.
  3. Hello! So a couple of days ago I updated my firestorm to the 6.2.4 version, after doing so I was having issues with my avi. Im fine on my end but others see myself as an orange cloud. Ive done everything I can think of to fix this; Ive cleared my cache, ive reset my avi to the default avatar, I even did a clean uninstall and re downloaded the firestorm 6.0.2 version. Im also not receiving any of my incoming note cards and Im a CSR for a store. Im not sure what more I can do to fix myself; any help or advice would be great!
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