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  1. Welcome Everyone! Isn't this summer in SL outstanding?? Meeting new people and learning everything new! I am starting up a new SL real estate business venture with some friends. We have a unique approach to the current real estate market, and feel that we have an exciting project. (No.. No... not an estate renting land.... No No.. not flipping mainland... Something more fun!) We are looking to bring on some professional staff members to build out our management team. We are looking for a few small common requirements: Active in SL for 1 yr or more (under 1 yr i
  2. Have him contact Victoryman thank you
  3. This opportunity is for a mesh object that can be used as our land sign in the estate land business. We have a design we have in mind, and can use suggestions. Payment will be available in L$ at more than fair market rate. We are under a time crunch to have this object complete as soon as possible. Please contact myself Victoryman or my staff managers GinaLogan, BradleySling and JackThurman
  4. I am very interested in operating an avatar based magazine. I am looking for a partner who has the ability to create the magazine pages ie textures, as well as help with the layout of the pages. The name I have chosen for the magazine is "Avatar Living Magazine" . I would like it to be a general pg rated magazine designed to showcase the quality of life in SL. I have operated magazines in the past in SL and have all the old equipment, an office as well as plenty of office furniture to have a very nice magazine office. I can hire the staff, which will handle the ad sales, distrib
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