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  1. Thanks a lot whirly fizzle. Yes i downloaded firestorm but result is not really good quality vr as we get with ctralt.... Anyway, thanks a lot guys!😃
  2. Thanks everybody for all answers! Is it any way to make Ctrlaltstudio deal with http fetching? Or any way to make oculus work with other viewer (same problem with "Second life project oculus rift"). Thanks all for your support.
  3. Hello everyone! I am using CtrlAltStudio viewer Alpha which is the only viewer working perfectly to run my oculus rift for VR in SL. It worked great till a few weeks ago. Now the clothes cannot be downloaded anymore. (so no avatar, only smoke telling the clothes are charging but nothing......) Can someone explain this? Was there any change in server address? Do i need to change something in Preferences? As CtrlAltStudio viewer is no more updated, it will be a big issue to still run Oculus on SL.... Thanks in advance!
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