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  1. No worries, I will entertain you from time to time with stupid answers to your silly comments .... a deal is a deal ....
  2. Thank you! And yes, you will never understand, but that’s ok for you spending most time of your life here at the forum ... as the activity window of your profile shows.
  3. Pretty funny how things develop sometimes: I was seriously posting my request here to find other people with same interest (and yes, I know how to find those persons in SL, too). And I was positively surprised, that I got the first answers shortly after my message was posted. Call me naive, but I did not expected that at the same time here in reply section so many negative minded post appeared, trying to explain that I don‘t have any clue about what i am talking about and would be unsure about my own standing as a DOM, etc. etc. Well, this let me think about never to pos
  4. Well, if you publish a „Looking for ...“ posting you usually expect, that people who share the same interest with you get in contact with you .... and the people who don‘t share or care, simply go along to the next forum topic. And if you take your own answer as an example of „behaving differently than expected“: Why do you think, it would be a good idea to make a good joke at the expense of others? Is it just for the smileys you get for it .... and/or just for more attention? Well, I am not annoyed (as you might have guessed), I was just wondering ....
  5. Yeah, you are right ..... It‘s a waste of time .... people like you simply can‘t hold back their comments ...
  6. Right, lol .... that‘s why i added „and 10+ years of SL experiences“ .....
  7. It‘s interesting to see, that there are always people here with „advanced Member Status“ and 10+ years of SL experiences who still seem not to be able to hold back making fun of other people‘s business.
  8. Thanks for the advise, but with the post I now already achieved my goals, so commercial dating agencies are not necessary ....
  9. Message (IM) me in SL to get further details .... my SL Name is JoeButcher
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