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  1. Me best bud Bayo and I have been here a few times and each time have had lots of laughs and Pru and Cia are truly the best. Very giving and attentive to their guests. Is def a nice place to hang out in with ya morning coffee or late day beer or really anytime. I can not say enough about these two. They truly make a guy feel right at home and even tho we are homeless STILL, there is no doubt in my mind we will be getting our perfect houseboats soon! Pru and Cia....love ya guys. Yar kindness will not be forgotten.
  2. Been waiting a long time but finally got my Houseboat, wasn't quite what I had in mind tho….
  3. Welp,.....since was kicked out of Guppy this morning, yeah...no house boat for me yet. but that's ok...found a new place ta camp out at. Yep...this be me home for now ya all.
  4. Omg ive seen this. this is right down from Guppy where ive been camping out lol. its awesome I thought wow what a cool idea! Great work
  5. Still camping out waiting for a houseboat in Guppy LOL
  6. Camping out waiting on a houseboat lol
  7. Wow....thank ya so much BJoyful for sharing this here. and thank ya all who responded lol yesh we will really need a houseboat And soon as do will be throwing a party fo sho!!! WOOHOO!!!!
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