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  1. I got it - my string extraction was including a space so the script was looking for "SND07 " rather than "SND07". Just didn't notice the extra space in the debug message. Thanks Qie for solving this newbie error.
  2. Thank you for your suggestions. So I went to a sandbox and created simple prim with two sound files in it - SND07 and SND08. The simple script below worked fine: string soundnum; string sound; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { soundnum = "07"; sound = "SND"+soundnum; llSay(0, sound); llPlaySound(sound, 1.0); } But this slightly more complex script failed with debug error msg "Could not find sound 'SND07 '." string soundnum; string sound; string body = "CTRL SND07 This is the sound of a dog barking"; defau
  3. Hi there - I have a very simple issue that is foxing me. I have an object with some sound files in it - named SND01, SND02, SND03, etc. llPlaySound("SND01", 1.0) works fine. But if I have string sound="SND"+ soundnum (where say string soundnum="01") and then do llPlaySound(sound,1.0) I get a debug message saying "Could not find sound 'SND01'" even though SND01 is in the inventory of the object. Is it simply the case that one cannot use string variables in llPlaySound for the sound file name? Thanks
  4. Hi Ron - thanks very much for resolving this and getting the lines in the right order. All works like a treat now. You guys are great.
  5. Hello again. I have another project where I am trying to merge two scripts. I have revived an old project of mine which links an object (chatbot) in SL to an AI engine in Pandorabots after I found my original pandorabot was still active. In the SL script library I found a script for pandorabots (in 2 parts) that works fine. I have customised this script to pass some data about the avatar talking to the bot which will enhance the conversation. Currently it passes the avatar's name and location when the avatar first starts talking to the bot. You can test this by creating an object an
  6. Thanks Estelle, thats a good suggestion. I gave up on trying to merge the two scripts since I couldn't find a way for the script to 'sit' the avatar on the object for the teleport since clicking the dialog button wasn't the same as clicking on the object and the user had already clicked the object to bring up the dialog window.
  7. Thanks Molly for your input. In my situation, the vendors are franchised so I cant put any purchase options in my mannequins, the best I can do is to direct people to the vendor of interest. Qie, I do have a small sign at the base of the mannequin that has a teleporter in it but I noticed people click on the mannequin anyway so wanted to provide that option too. Thanks.
  8. Hi Qie - thank you for your detailed reply. As requested, I'll explain my application. I have just started a store in SL selling mainly ladies fashions. The store is on 3 levels and I probably have about 200 vendors. In the shop window I have some mannequins displaying some of the outfits. To save people time in walking around the store looking for the vendor for a particular featured outfit, I want to give them the option of teleporting to the vendor they are interested in. I have tried putting the teleporter script into the mannequin object itself which works fine but it is a bit abrup
  9. Hi there - I can happily fiddle with scripts to adjust them to do what I need but I need some help on how to merge two scripts together. I have a dialog script that can display a button and execute a command when the button is pressed. What i would like it to do is to teleport the user to a location on the sim. I also have a simple teleport script that I would like to use here but I'm not sure how to merge the two scripts to get the desired result. Here are the two separate scripts - any suggestions welcome and thanks in advance for answering: Dialog script -------------------
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