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  1. Please contact the owners i currently don’t have a working laptop so i have no idea what is going on
  2. ☾Eclipsed☽ ۰•● Are you looking for a job that is fun and is drama free? Well come down to Eclipsed! Eclipsed is an outdoor club with live DJs & very sexy hosts Our club is welcome to all people we are a club that is all about having fun and just having a great time with our amazing V.I.Ps. If you are interested in joining the family, then come by the club for a app! ●•۰ ECLIPSED IS CURRENTLY HIRING!! Perks: ➀ Dj's & hosts receive 100% tips +L$ 200 paid ➋ Play any type of music you want ➂ Train in both position if you are unexperienced ➍ Need to be active for both position ➄ Willing to help the club grow REQUIREMENTS: DJ’s o Great Personality o Must be able to voice o Willing to help the club grow o Djs must have their own stream o At least one perm set a week Host’s: o Know how to send a notice and make event post o Great Personality o Willing to help the club grow o Must be able to consistently interact with the people Contact an owners for more info or stop by the club for an app Imeha- Owner Unickle- Owner Eclipsed LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Oasis/221/72/40
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