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  1. thanks @ScyllaRhiadra but I am free to ask questions, and to solve the doubts not for you to hesitate and say that because you have to keep answering those questions nobody obliges you are free to answer but thank you very much for answering
  2. Hi, I have several questions about what I could do with Tilia? Here I leave the questions. 1. Do people who buy lindens to the second life affect you in some of the tilia standards? 2. Do people who have a payment method, such as a credit card or PayPal, have a tilia policy? 3. When I am Spanish, does tilia policy affect me? 4. If I am not a premium, does the tilia policy affect me if I do not participate for 12 months? 5. What would happen if I did not enter for 12 months the rules of tilia that would put a fine and what would be in euros? 6. Will the accumulated lindens be rem
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