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  1. Thank you! Lol, it was really hard to find a clear answer, think I was searching the forums for like an hour. Was reading different opinions about it, that confused me more about the whole thing. Again thanks!
  2. I want to put my Parcel up for search, but I am a bit confused about the whole thing... 1. Who does LL charge the 30L/week? Is it the person that "Owns" the land; the displayed owner in the "About land->General" Tab info or the Estate Owner, the person I rent my land from? 2. When does the Charge of 30L take place? Is it upon activation, is it a certain day at a certain time? 3. Is a 64x64 Meter Land enough to satisfy the whole "512 minimum area rule"? I generally try to research and find answers myself, but I can't seem to find any "clear and concise" answers to the que
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