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  1. Sneaking an Ad into a forum question is a start I suppose........ 🙂
  2. I kinda think Twitter-culture made “forums” lose currency and people just seemed to stop talking about them. Twitter is largely a flame-fest/dumpster-fire and at some point, that behavior carried over to most other online “discussion” media. After a bit the SL forums were “unlivable”. Things seem to have calmed down. I’m hearing that “while I was away” LL did some cleanup that seems to err on the side of Overkill - but things seem calmer.
  3. Folders and Subfolders I also purge “opened” containers -when- they are opened
  4. Alone time? Even in SL, its nice sometimes just to BUILD without having people get annoyed at your “busy mode” status.
  5. Mobile clients are kind of a must-have if you run an inworld business. I work a lot in RL, so before I was out of SL for a year - a text client was the way I kept social-track of my several friends who (for various reasons) would not use out-of-Sl messaging options.
  6. Not really. I’m nostalgic for the SL CULTURE of 2006 🙂
  7. Think of a “block” as sort of an achievement award. If someone is working hard to be annoying; recognize their hard work and commitment with a well-earned Block. You’re telling them that their work on you is complete and that they are now free to pursue their Art on fresh canvas........ ...alternately a “GTFO” works too.....
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