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  1. 1. TMP got free bento update before legacy was ever released its not 2500, the upgrade is something entirely else 2. In legacy chat can see CSRs helping daily not to mention you see owners answering FB all the time. So if someone is standing around bitching no support they didn't go about it way supposed to .. Same as half the people in SL that ***** at other stores .. didnt answer ((IM)) when clearly says NC or contact so so not owner. General rule if someone is standing around store bitching in local they didn't go about seeking help properly in first place, as an ex store owner for yrs I can say easily this is true in most cases. BTW there are several people that come to TMP store and local chat troll to make others leave. They do this in groups too moment it is even mentioned. 3.. Why would they put the deformers in the demo when it it a special add on NOT the main product, it JUST a bonus giving you to help .. and be easy as hell for someone use demo and steal it .. least buying they have spend before copybot it .. or suddenly another body have same when its a one of a kind item in SL.. 4. Theres tons new creators for it happening .. skins and clothing, top brands .. with raves on support on it, design and the great kit they provide ...where maitreya is a most bitched about kit there is and most bitched about rigging ... 5. why buy another body? Cos the mesh is better for one. Better quality, better detail, Better rigging. Better hud and options. Smoother and cleaner in every techincal way Same reason peope update phones to new. To get better products lol ------ As for the trolling rumours about how TMP was a rip off etc. Yes calling it trolling at this point since I have yet to see a single logical fact to show this is the case. HUD system? This was a feature from beginning. A feature you knew and agreed to before ever buying it. A feature was told upfront would not be changing. = Invalid Arguement was ripped off since you agreed to this before clicked purchase. No Omega? Was known from start due to above system it was not Omega when purchased. Was told countless times it would not be changed and omega will never be an option. = Invalid Arguement was ripped off since you agreed to this before clicked purchase. You can not claim rip off if it is something you knew before purchased and was never promised. Went on haitus? Well hate to tell people there are thousands items for sale in MP where creators haven't logged in years. It's logical common sense if a person has RL or any reason at all they have stepped away from SL there will be no contact support. Nobody, not a single person has a right to demand that anyone never leave SL. This is NOT real life. No updates? what updates should they have made? What was broken? Yes it said beta a long time guess what that is just a name, if something isn't broken no designer or creator is under any obligation to provide any new features or updates just cos you demand it. Points to above about bento. You received exactly the item with the features you demo'd and purchased. Do you get free brand new phones . answer no how much was that Iphone 5 to iphone 7 version cost difference? it definitely wasn't free was it. Product itself. Did the HUD system stop working while TMP was gone? NO it never went down, you never lost use of your body or the system.Therefore you didn't "pay" for it an item then get ripped off couldn't use it. It is usable even to this very day if wish. The had sales for much cheaper cost on it than you paid? Guess what this happens in RL every single day. You pay alot for an item while new, then when new version is about be released or just hell cos store or company feels like it, it suddenly goes on sale. Need an example? Sims 4! Recently Sims 4 was 100% free for 1 week. Month after sale it was suddenly 5 bucks. How much was playstation when came out? How much can you get it for now? Bet alot cheaper now right? Let's use common sense here guys please. -------- I get some might be frustrated didn't go way wanted it to. Such is life however creators are not bound by your wishes only by product promised at time of purchase. You paid for and received the product you were promised on purchase.End of story.
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