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  1. This is why I am asking. Someone people like this , but I mean people are adults. I don't see why they cant dress their " youth avatar" how they want to dress them. This is a reflection of who are are or want to be. Not who everyone else think it should be .
  2. Well I mean my best friend is a weed head and she wants a few shirts as well as others for their youth. Your guess is as good as mine why they want their youth is beyond me.
  3. I recently made some clothing for me and my best friend on SL and we took a picture and put it on Instagram. It had a picture of a blunt on it and some people want me to release it . Is it OK for me to release them on Marketplace as long as I label it Adult even though its for youth bodies?
  4. My last computer crashed before I could learn blender 2.7 so I recently got the 2.9 and absolutely lost. Lol, I seem to cant find the older blender anywhere either
  5. Namiuki

    Help Please.

    OK so i have a full perm and its has multiple AO/Norm maps. I keep trying to add the different textures to test it inworld but its only letting me add one texture. How do I add more then one?
  6. Thank you , it helped. Now i have to tackle the next fix issue and find a different skin.
  7. Can someone please tell me how to fix this skin error... Like i'm all confused and i've tried everything.
  8. I’ve been looking for it but she doesn’t have the body.. only the head. So I got a different version. It matches some but it has a lot of red tones and it’s not BOM.
  9. Process 3. After that it doesn't do anything.... the head changes but the body stays the same.
  10. I have Maitreya Lara, Im Using BABE skin and No , the only think i have on is My Genus babyface head, the Maitreya. body V5.2 and the Body HUD...
  11. I followed that.. Seems like everything im doing isnt working. Now im stuck with a BOM Head( the red head) even in my old saved bodies from before.
  12. Yes, i've removed everything. Its still not working.
  13. So I've purchased this skin for BOM, and its not applying to my body as well. I have the head down packed, but the body isn't willing to work with me . I have the BOM HUDS and Activators and nothing is working. It keeps giving me trouble.
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