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  1. Makes sense why I havent seen one No need for negativity tornadoes
  2. Nah, that makes its own brand of sense. "I had to be lucky and struggle, and so should you."
  3. Most seem to be! It scared me at first, but I dont know what I was expecting. I work in a field of tech and we have the mindset of always optimizing tools and finding the best solution. Granted, that means tools always change and its a headache, but it can be a time saver. I hadnt seen it posted before, and I definitely look at all the Bellisseria posts I see, but as you can see, Im kinda new and pretty much stick to the pinned post on the topic.
  4. I have a "stop SL sex pac" that Im assuming theyre talking about because its funny. Not seeing how its relevant to my question here, though. First time poster because this is the first thing I've cared about.
  5. I'm employed and made this on my break. Sorry, guys?
  6. A lot of good answers and a few extremely unproductive ones, thanks guys Makes sense If the servers cant handle the Bellisseria refreshes and people want the peace of mind, why not sign up for the kind of home you want and wait for it to be allocated? I think everyone could breathe easier.
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