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  1. Very creative and great editing Glasz!
  2. My first machinima in awhile. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it All in good fun and for the sake of learning. I hope you enjoy it! The music is Big White Gate by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.
  3. I've met several people in RL from SL. One turned out to be a partner I lived with for 7 years. I have several close friends I met in SL first. Some are still in SL, some aren't and either way, the friendships remain. Do be careful, though, if you go this route. Make sure you have talked in voice and/or cam frequently and you TRULY know what you are getting into. I have had a couple of close calls with 'friends'I made in SL that turned out to be quite creepy people.
  4. I'm with @RaeLeeH on this. Pretty much my experience word for word. I would love nothing more than to find a strictly IC family roleplay. I have tried many times over the years and did manage to find one partner and our little family lasted for 2 good years until RL stole him away. It would be so great to find that again. If you want help getting this off the ground, I would volunteer time and effort. Feel free to contact me in world.
  5. Great job y'all! The music arrangement was really cool. And the editing techniques did so much to disguise some of the limitations of SL. I'm envious of your acting cast! If any of you would like to help a fellow machinimist out, I'm always begging for actors. Great work and so interesting to watch.
  6. Saying hello and offering brief intro. I've been out of machinima for awhile but gearing up to get back in. Just upgraded computer, etc. Can't wait to get back in and try some new things. Hoping to add in some of my own music to the mix as well. Also looking forward to meeting you all inworld or other. Hard to find folks interested in machinima in general, let alone in SL. I have a full sim where I'll be building my own sets, etc. If anyone ever needs space and it's available, I'm happy to share. Just message me inworld. Here's my channel with some of my older stuff. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX595QcdOQjtOvhdwyNjkZA?view_as=subscriber Happy filming!
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