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  1. I have my items still on the land that I am banned from, the owner refuses to return them back to me. They are no copy items. what can I do about it?
  2. I have been seeing my friend list on dashboard as offline for 2 days now, is it just me? whats causing it?
  3. I am a beginner in blender. I have been trying to upload mesh files, it gives me the error regardless of what file I upload. I even tried to save a a file with just single object on it but even that doesn't upload. I looked up for it and I don't have any special character names in my file I get this message everytime i try to upload. http://prntscr.com/tig5k1
  4. 500 prims/250L, 1000 prims/500L. Can customize it according to your need Please message me inworld
  5. bilal494

    Missing items

    I had sold a land recently and a lot of my items on it went missing. I can't them anyhow, in lost and found folder or anywhere. what can i do about it?
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