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  1. I'm a guy. I think everyone was confused (and some upset) by my use of the term "Karen." But anyway... Attached you'll see two photos. One is the alpha-based hair (the one I've been trying but on the fence about buying), and the other is a non-alpha-based hair (not sure what the term is for these). As you can see, if you're standing in front of something with an alpha, your hair will disappear.
  2. I've read everyones' replies and realize now that 1k isn't a huge price to pay for a fatpack. The hair offers 5 base tones with a color tinter. My main issues with this particular hairstyle, which I neglected to mention in my initial post, were that 1) single tones are not offered. You either get the fatpack or you get nothing. And 2) The hair is alpha-based. In my opinion, alpha-based hairs tend to look less realistic and more "flimsy," for lack of a better word. If the hair had looked like the really nice hair I mentioned with the too-high complexity, I would have no issue paying 1k for a fatpack of it. But the quality doesn't seem up to par with non-alpha hairs nor with the products the same creator put out previously for a lesser price and with the option to buy separate hair tones. And to those upset by my use of the term "Karen," I'm sorry. I'm sure all the Karens you know are lovely people and wouldn't complain about expensive hair in SL like I have done.
  3. For the longest time, I'd been searching for a certain hairstyle that seems to be very rare in SL. I ended up finding one I liked but it brought my complexity to over 100k. Needless to say, I'm searching for a new hairstyle again... Lo and behold, I find another one I like. Not as much as the high-complexity one, but good enough. Come to find out, this particular hairstyle costs L$1,100. I looked at the others around it. They are all also in this range. This was particularly surprising to me, as the hairstyles this certain store put out in the past were not 1k. There is a VIP group you can join for the low price of L$1,900, which would allow you to purchase their hairs for a hefty discount; however, I don't make a habit of wearing a different hairstyle every day of the week. So 1,900 on top of the 600-something for the discounted cost of the hair I want, would not be reasonable for someone like me. So my only option would be to buy the hair for 1,100. I'm having a hard time justifying the price however. Could I afford it? Of course. But it's the principle that's keeping me from forking over my money. My question is... Is it unreasonable to find this price... unreasonable? I'm aware that creating for SL is hard work and all, but this doesn't seem like a good business model in the slightest. I would think they'd get more purchases in the long run with a more tactical price. TLDR: Am I being a Karen about an L$1,100 price tag for a hairstyle? Would you pay this much? Why or why not?
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