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  1. Update: Now available is a 2nd castle in which to choose from, tenant may choose between the 2 castles. Also available: Adult region 1/4 sim rentals, 5000K prims, L$4125/week designated full region sky zone use. Pics of 2nd available castle are shown below.
  2. For rent are 2 castles residing in a 1/4 region ground parcel with a north atlantic feel. Objects may be rezzed as high as 80M altitude. No sky rezzing. Terraforming allowed during early set-up and as needed. Covenant notecards including a rental agreement form are included at the location. See them in person at the locations listed below. SW Castle: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Radio/69/34/28 SE Castle: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Radio/178/39/27 More information and pictures below.
  3. Available now are two quarter region rentals with 5000K prims for L$4125/week located in an adult region. The northwest parcel includes a designated sky space in the 3000-3400M altitude in which you are allowed to use the full region and rez full sim surrounds. The northeast parcel includes a designated sky space in the 3600-4000M altitude in which you are allowed to use the full region and rez full sim surrounds. The designated sky region altitudes will have different zones as illustrated in one of the images below. A covenant notecard may be picked up at the parcel location which will detail more information and include a rental agreement form to move forward with the rental process. NW parcel landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Radio/73/211/21 NE parcel landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Radio/188/214/22
  4. Update: This rental will be pulled tomorrow in change for 1/4th parcel rentals, if interested in this deal please contact for more information. Details on the new rentals will be posted in a new thread tomorrow otherwise.
  5. For rent is an adult half sim parcel with 10000 prims and full region use above 3000M Altitude. Rent per week: L$8250 What you will be renting: Half sim parcel with ground level rezzing allowed under 70M altitude, half sim parcel sky rezzing allowed in the 300M-800M and 2000M-3000M altitude zone, full region use above 3000M. Bonuses of this deal: Twice the prims of a homestead, over 5X the avatar limit capability of a homestead, rez full sim surrounds and have a full sim experience above 3000M altitude. Please visit the parcel to get a covenant notecard to review information and guidelines of this rental. Rental will be approved after the covenant included in the notecard given at the parcel is read and the rental agreement terms are agreed too. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Radio/160/190/23 Contact Vigaerthr.Ravenhurst for any assistance.
  6. Attack anything that moves at Dragon World's Cell Games arena on Saturday 8/10 12-1 PM SLT. All anime related HUD's and characters are allowed, no cages, trappers, or orbiters please. NPV's while in combat aren't allowed, movelock won't be allowed for this event as well. Meters are not needed, but you may use them if you both have the same meter. If you wish to hang out and watch there will be an area at the highest cliff to spectate.
  7. I have a certain outfit from an anime, Dragon Ball specifically that will take about 4 or 5 pieces to complete. Please get in contact if you have experience making clothing items.
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