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  1. I've been asked a few times if I'm a guy just because I won't share certain bits of info about my life or because a friend I hangout with on SL is a male using a female avatar that also states on his profile he is male. If someone says to me "You're a guy too." I just say "No I'm not. I cut my dick off ages ago. I'm just kidding... I tuck it between my legs." But in all seriousness. We don't need to prove ourselves to anyone. Be whoever you want to be and if you feel comfortable opening up in your own time then do it. But don't feel pressured by anyone.
  2. I did a lot of text based roleplaying on various chat rooms and instant messenger services and I met someone that said "you'd probably like SecondLife." I had heard bad things about it before via real life friends but I gave it a go. Signed up with said person from roleplaying, he walked me through it, got me my first avatar and let me hang out at his place so I wasn't labelled homeless. Lol. I couldn't get the hang of the controls but once I started using firestorm, it got easier and now, 5 years later and 2 accounts later... I'm hooked. I've met loads of lovely people and even ma
  3. I have a few. My main one is when someone messages me from a group and doesn't tell me which group they're messaging me from especially if like me, they have their groups hidden. People that don't look at profiles and, I air quote this one, "Doms". Not the actual dom types, I mean the people that label themselves as one and tries giving you orders when they've barely even said two words to you. Just yesterday I had a guy message me and started by telling me to call him Sir. I asked why and he said "Just call me Sir." So I said Sir and then he started demanding RL pictures fr
  4. Where did you buy the collar from? If it's by Virtualdisgrace, try checking the apps in the menu to see if anything is turned on
  5. This is how my avatar currently looks. I used to use Slink until I found Tonic. Fell in love with the body instantly and the Catwa head gives the perfect look for me that I have been looking for since I joined over 2 years ago. I must say it is very me. I use Pink Fuel's Doll V2 skin with the dehance version. Izzie's body veins and their face freckles and blemishes. I also have the Subtle body moles just to finish the look of. For those of you that like the car. It's called QTO and I only drive it at the weekends.
  6. To anyone still trying to find out why this is happening... Just now I had the same issue and I couldn't work out why I couldn't activate or deactivate any of my groups. What had happened was, someone had turned my RLV collar to "groups" so anyone in the same group as me can take control of me. I didn't realise it also stops yourself from changing groups. So there we go.
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