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  1. Elfie and Minnie find a comfortable place at The Lodge to rest for a bit.
  2. Elfie and Minnie aren't sure what to think of this guy...
  3. The sanctuary is such a welcoming and beautiful place. Hammy has done such a beautiful and generous thing to open her home to all of us. Minnie and I have gone there to rest and hang out a few times and it's simply wonderful! Thank you Hammy for your generosity. Can we please keep this thread a happy and positive thing since I really feel that was Hammy's intent? I'm really not trying to be pushy and bossy or derail Hammy's thread, but can we just keep kindness here? On that note, Sylvia? You seem kind to me. You're blunt and I admire that. I think any of the animal community would be happy to be in your company including my baby Minnie and I! Again, thank you Hammy for such a beautiful place to hang out! I would suggest any of the animal community who hasn't visited to do so because it is so worth it! Plus get to know Hammy! She's awesome! Please know Hammy I'm not trying to speak for you and I'm sorry if it comes off that way. 💗
  4. I had the most pleasant evening meeting Hammy for the first time! Thank you for such a beautiful sanctuary and your kindness.
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