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  1. In my case, disabling ALM (which happens when the shaders are turned off) actually lowers my FPS significantly. If I get to an event and find that my FPS drops to single digits with ALM enabled, my options are to use Ctrl-Alt-Shift-4 to not render characters (avatars) or to go find another place in SL to visit.
  2. At first I thought it was a Graves product but could not find one similar wandering the Graves store. But, LePunk does sell a choker that is the same thing as the "outer" choker of the piece portrayed in the photos. Could it be possible this is a custom choker/collar from LePunk that is either a one off or not yet available to the public? Maybe.
  3. If you are in proximity to it, right-click on it and choose the "inspect" option (menu placement for that option varies depending upon the viewer you are using). Inspect should provide the creator's name.
  4. Perhaps the OP is just sitting back seeing what kind of responses they will get from their post? Perhaps dipping their toe into the water to see if it will be comfortable before jumping in? We may never know...
  5. I have not tried to design and build a viewer from scratch. That concept is way above my technical expertise level (considering what programming skills that I can still feebly remember came in the days of BASIC, Cobol, and Algol and even then those are but a rapidly fading memory). My suggestion is you become involved in an existing viewer project that still builds a viewer for OpenSim, such as Firestorm, Singularity, and DayTurn. Work with those people for a while to learn how the existing viewers are built and maintained. After a while you should gain the knowledge and experience to see where things can be improved to your liking to make it worth the effort to step out into your own design. OpenSim really is in need of its own viewer. Crista Lopes worked with the Singularity team to fork a viewer for use in OpenSim called "OnLook." Its design goal was to simplify the user interface of the viewer to the point where the region server was actually controlling the UI elements presented to users. The purpose of this was to give the casual user only the UI elements they needed to see and use for the environment of the region they were visiting. If this sounds like an idea you are working on, perhaps working with the OnLook team is where you may want to be.
  6. The Second Life viewer can not be used to log into a non-SL grid. Agni and Aditi are only two grids, both being part of Second Life, that the Second Life viewer will work on. If you want to use a viewer to log into a grid you have running on your localhost you will need to use a viewer that can be used in OpenSim.
  7. Would be helpful to know the context of what the nomination form is for. For example, is it for accolades of clothing designs? Avatar designs? Building designs? Landscape designs? Without the context, the simplest definition I would think that applies to "crossover designer" would be one that does well in any of those genres. Given this is posted in Fashion, I would further define the question to (possibly) mean those who can design male and female apparel.
  8. A picture is worth a thousand words
  9. What is stopping you from writing such an article? When I read the article in question, I did not see it as an opinionated piece against Second Life as it is now. Rather, I saw it as a retrospect from a historical perspective... what Second Life is now and how it either met or fell short of the much-hyped future that was promised at the beginning. I suppose if one believed the original hype to be the "good stuff" and the current Second Life is no where near that, then perhaps the article can be viewed as a negative slam against the service. But, if one believed the original hype was well overblown gibberish, then the article may be concluded to be negative on the original vision as Second Life currently has evolved in a natural way. But at no time did I feel the article was negative about the current Second Life.
  10. I have plenty of long-sleeved clothing appliers that are designed for the bondage/sex scenarios. Long, mid, short, or no sleeves is not an indicator of anything. I have used those "sex suits" (which is what the description of them on the Marketplace indicated they were created for) as the basic underlayment for layering other types of clothing above them, wearing them all as an outfit for non-sexual events. It is not the clothing that determines whether someone uses them in sexual or non-sexual places, it is the person wearing the clothing that decides it.
  11. First, go back to an older version of the viewer that will run on your current version of macOS. If the mouse cursor works, it may be the latest version of the viewer is bugged (and if you care enough, you may want to file a support ticket with the team who built the viewer). If the mouse disappears with all viewers that can run on your version of macOS, then it might (or might not) be a problem with compatibility between your version of macOS and the viewers. May be a driver corruption issue on macOS (it is not unheard of that such things happen with macOS updates; I certainly had my share of them when I was using Macs). Try another OpenGL application on your Mac, something like Blender. If the mouse cursor shows up then it is probably a viewer compatibility issue. If the cursor does not, then it may be a driver issue. Remember that Apple deprecated OpenGL in macOS. All of the current viewers use OpenGL. That is why I suggested trying another OpenGL based application (which at the time I used Macs was Blender). Apple has no plans to upgrade or otherwise fix OpenGL in macOS so if your mouse cursor is missing only on OpenGL applications, then consider it a sign of future things to come with regards to OpenGL on macOS.
  12. The Slink mesh body is called a body. It still uses the classic shape item to give the body its shape. To edit the shape, just go into the Appearance panel for your viewer and click on the "shape" option. What you remember from your previous time still applies and it adjusts the same way... mostly. Some fitted/Bento mesh bodies may distort if the shape sliders are pushed to the extremes, so just be watchful of that. Assuming the shape you want to use with your Slink body is modifiable, it should respond very nicely with changes to most shape adjustments. You should also be able to find the shape being worn in your Inventory and right-click on it to bring up its context menu. Among the options listed should be one to "edit," if the shape is modifiable.
  13. Could be a possible "cure" for those times when alpha cuts do not cut it?
  14. Not to sidetrack but the OP's graphic card is an RTX 2070. That is an Nvidia product, not AMD.
  15. Possibly. I do not know about other bodies but Altamura's main body consists of the skin on the main mesh and the tattoo on a second "onion skin" layer of the main mesh. If anyone were to derender that, they would derender the body itself. For the underwear layer and clothing layer, those "onion skins" are on an attachable object, separate from the main body. If someone were to derender that, then the underwear and clothing would disappear in their viewer, leaving whatever is applied to the main body (skin and tattoo layers) visible.
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