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  1. So, please let me see if I understand this. Your inworld name is SOLDIER05, implying you are a battlefield tested character. You got hit with an Orion Combat HUD that left you immoble. Your first response is to file an AR? OK. Might I suggest you understand what the Orion Combat HUD is and does so you can figure out how to defend against it in the future? The listing for it on the Marketplace contains a link to a PDF based manual. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ORION-Combat-Utility-HUD/1270525 That being said, just look to see if those white bubbles are an attachment. If so and if you are using RLV, disable RLV in your viewer, relog, detach the bubbles, and carry on.
  2. I believe what you are looking for is already used by two collar scripts that I know of plus a "hugging" HUD that is available inworld. The collar scripts are public domain (Dari Haus; look for her "Big Box of Junk" usually in some adult sims) or opensourced (forgot the license(s)) via the OpenCollar. Both of those collars use non-adult animations, and the initiator sends an invite to the recipient and, if accepted, the recipient is pulled towards the initiator and they hug. It might be worth a look to get either of the collar products and open them up to examine the scripting. The other "hugging" HUD does pretty much the same thing but I cannot remember if the scripts are open or closed. For any of them, no pose balls are rezzed.
  3. According to the Firestorm viewer download page, Mac OS X 10.9 is the oldest operating system that is supported by this viewer. You are running Mac OS X 10.7.5 "Lion", or about two years older than the supported requirement. You either have to upgrade your operating system to at least Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" or find another viewer than can run on that older operating system.
  4. Actually, there are two remaining V1-based viewers that still create those fabulous clouds. Singularity and Cool VL Viewer. And, as retro as they are, the are equally as retro for rendering those clouds only on the region you are in; they will not render them for the surrounding regions.
  5. Technically, while zero balance is a valid number, hence a balance on a ledger sheet, Grumpity and Patch both stated, at various times during the meeting, that if one wanted to avoid the Tilia ToS and they were carrying a US$ balance, they would need to cash it out or convert it back into L$ prior to 1 Aug 2019. Both also stated that if someone logs into their web dashboard on or after 1 Aug 2019 and the Tilia ToS pops up, then they have to make the decision to accept or deny. However, if they do not see it then they do not have to worry about it (until such time they actually create the "wallet" by putting US$ into it). Yes, the nitpickers will pick but it was pretty evident to me that a zero $ balance will not bring forth the ToS.
  6. Freebie Galaxy is still running. Also, the OC AO can still be found at some of the adult places that have not changed since that time. Just note that some of those old primmy attachments will kick your complexity up (still have not understood why that is other than being told "it's based on a formula..."). Be prepared to be told "you look lovely as a jelly doll."
  7. As was stated more or less at the Town Hall meeting yesterday, "no more than $3.00 US." No mention of whether the fee itself would be on a sliding scale or percentage or whatever, just that the maximum fee would be that.
  8. The more I think about this, the more interesting it becomes. In order to fully appreciate the "classic SL" experience of 2006, I suppose I would have to find the operating system(s) and viewers that were current back then. For me that would have been Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" running on an iBook G4/133. I still have the Tiger discs but I no longer have a PowerPC Mac that can boot up that old OS. As for the viewer, that would have to be the SL craptastic 1.12 (I think?) or the much better Rainbow "Cool SL" Edition from Boy Lane. Assuming the region and grid server software from back then was still available and able to run on the hardware of its time, then I might be able to once again relive that experience. Were all that possible I would then be confronted with alpha textures that remained a solid grey, early sculpts that remained orbs or torii (or whatever other shape some creators used), and assuming I could still manage my way through the builds of those days from memory, I would be doing so at the neck-breaking speed of 3 FPS with graphics settings LOW. Yeah, that would be worth it. P.S. And let me not forget to mention that anytime I dropped a no-copy item and picked it back up to put away in inventory, it would appear outside my inventory root, laughing at me maniacally while I tried every way I knew to be able to move it back into its rightful place. Yep... good times.
  9. That is assuming those seeing the ToS will not just blindly accept it without reading it. Sadly, most in my own family just accept those things without even skimming them because, as they see it, they would not be able to use the service or thing they want to use at that very moment if they did not say "Yes, accept." So they accept it and go on their merry way until some such circumstance comes up that prevents them from using that thing or service in the future. Then another round of "why didn't you tell me this was going to happen" ensues within the family, followed by more eye-rolling, "I told you so's", yada yada yada. Just human nature I suppose.
  10. I have no idea what the numbers would be but I am certain that 99.5% of the SL population STILL does not know what is going on. Just a wild and very unscientific guess based upon those I meet inworld.
  11. I am not a Singularity developer but I have followed its development for the past several years. If you are looking for an updated "stable release" you most likely already have it. Since that time they have released many "alpha" versions and even more recently, "test" versions. On the main page of the Singularity web site somewhere in the upper left corner, there is a list of links, two of them being "alpha" and "test" builds. The newer ones will be the test builds. They are working on several problems at the same time so there has been no schedule of when a new stable release will drop. For more information and a brief Q&A with the lead Singularity developer, check out Nalates Urriah's blog (links in the OP).
  12. You beat me to it. I was going to say SL Classic = OpenSim 2019. :P
  13. I realize this comment was not directed to me but it pushed a button so I will say my piece. I am not a Premium Member. I believe that if the service does not officially support my computer platform (linux) with the SL branded viewer that is on par with the Windows platform, I will not get the same level of technical support from Linden Labs that Windows or macOS users get. Sure I can use a TPV but they do not allow one to upload mesh as they do not contain the Havok physics engine code due to licensing restrictions. As a result of not being a Premium Member, I cannot purchase land to pay tier. Not an option. Yes, I have rented from landowners in the past (not this current avatar account but previously). I have a zero dollar balance as I have never intended to use Second Life as real life income. Perhaps some day in the future but as of right now, nope. As a matter of fact, yes my L$ balance is now down to zero because I spent yesterday draining it out by tipping live music venues with the small balance I had in it. I did so because up until earlier today, it was stated that EVERY Second Life resident was going to have to accept the Tilia ToS, which was something I was seriously thinking of not doing. Now that such acceptance is not a concern for those not carrying a US$ balance... well... I guess I will have to start building my L$ balance back up by experiential means. Now, as to your general premise that those who do not buy L$ with fiat currency are not contributing members... I believe you are WAY off the mark. I know many Basic Members, such as myself, who are very active in various groups. They provide customer assistance for those confused about mesh avatars. They help those who feel clueless about how their viewers work with valuable guidance and examples. I have seen Basic Members work as hosts, hostesses, greeters, and tour guides on various sims. Some have graced us with very artistic places built with care and detail strictly because they enjoy doing so. A few may have even touched our hearts and emotions with various other forms of art, including photography or machinima. So, are all those Basic Members not really contributing members? Just something to think about.
  14. I really need to build the debug version of the viewer to see what the problem is. Only then can I give any meaningful feedback. It might just be a case of incompatible libraries between their target distro (Debian/Ubuntu) and my runtime distros (Tumbleweed & Solus).
  15. Guess I will need to reclaim my seat (like I actually had one anyway). Thanks for the update.
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