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  1. @ChinRey Thanks a LOT for your answer. I used your tips Phantom + Transparency 👍👍👍 @Rolig Loon It is a tree i found on the MP. You cand find it here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Pine-Tree-3-prims-MT/6065467 I guess the "restricted area" is a mistake from the creator.
  2. Hi, i got a "restricted area" around an object, which is a tree. I can't walk below the tree. The width of the area is about 1 meter around it. Can i do something ? Thank you !!
  3. thank you . So there is no way to have expressions ?
  4. Hi, I have a Genesis Head Olivia 2.0 which seems to be a non bento head. I wonder how to have face expressions ? There aren't in the head HUD. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I have a premium house with 512 m2 and 175 prims but i want more so i go into the auctions page of Lands for sell. The problem is they don't say how many prims i will have. My goal is buying at maximum a 8192m2 land. But how many prims can i expect on that ? Same question for a 4096m2 ? I don't want to spend money while i'm totaly blind. Can someone help me on that ? Thank you all !
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