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    Textures load

    Hi, i have slow internet connection and while i visit sims i takes few minutes to load textures and even longer to load avatars of people there, but some of these avatars not load correctly, lacking clothes or parts of body etc. It's not fixed even when all textures are loaded, so my question is if there is any way to reset these people and make my viewer load their textures again, right clicking and refreshing their textures does not work.
  2. Hello, i've returned to game after a break and looking for something to get busy with, i post it here even if i dont strictly look for a job, becouse it seems like most accurate forum for this. Im open to try anything, i have some experience in role play, i have experienced many sides of SL for now so i have basic knowledge of the game. I am a fast and more important willing learner. I own decent looking female mesh avatar, but there is still place for improvment. As some of you already noticed my english is not perfect, but i like to think it's at least good
  3. Hello, i am looking for a job to earn a few extra lindens, Im not looking for a big payment, I just like to have duties in game. Im open to do almost anything you offer me as long as you will have a bit of patience to teach me, as im new to this game, but im fast learner. Im not native english speaker, but i belive that my english is good enough to not cause communication problems. Im usually available everyday for at least an hour. Im living in GMT+2 time zone, so in game i can be available from midnight to 4-5 pm.
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