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  1. Ok cool, that confirms what my web developer friend said. It looks like something on the Second Life's server (especially since the according to him, there were not hits from SL to the URL he set up). I had submitted a ticket but they said "Unfortunately, Customer Support is not able to troubleshoot your end point for the ANS information." and closed the case. I responded nonetheless, maybe they'll take another look at it. In the meantime, is anyone's ANS actually working?
  2. I searched and didn't see any mention recently. Does the Marketplace ANS still work? My friend created a publicly accessible test HTTP endpoint and when I try configuring ANS, I get "HTTP ERROR 400". I tried http, https, with and without www... The URL is valid, and he can tell there's no attempt being made to access it from SL.
  3. Ah, thanks. And hidden inventory folder - suddenly the world makes a lot more sense now.
  4. If I have a store and add my partner as a manager, is there a way she can copy or move inventory objects to the Marketplace Listings (to create new listings)? Or is that a function that only the store owner can do? We searched everywhere in her client and couldn't find a way. (Granted we're using Firestorm, maybe that's the issue...)
  5. Hey thanks for the response. I'm almost embarrassed by begging for someone's official attention. Ok I was about complain that that must be broken, but I had been searching all unlisted entries (i.e.: clicking on the "Unlisted" in the View: All | Listed | Unlisted section). As I was typing that my partner came across them in the "All" listing. For others experiencing this, blocked products are neither listed or unlisted. They only show up when "All" is selected. Interestingly, I did have almost every merchant notification enabled (except "Inworld purchase notification" - that was the only one disabled). Maybe someone (me? or a Linden?) should open a Jira ticket for this. If it's me I'm more than willing to do it. I'll humbly admit that the keywords for those did contain partial trademark (i.e.: just the keyword by itself "Louis" for a bag that looked like a certain famous bag designer). My bad, and we promise we won't try and fudge the keywords again. For now on it's "leather handbag" etc, as it should've been. So two questions: 1. Is there a way for us to fix the keywords/description and reactivate it, to save the trouble of reuploading pictures, etc? 2. If not, if I pull the products out of the "Marketplace Listings" in the viewer, then create new listings (albeit with better chosen keywords and descriptions), is there any penalty if I make a mistake again? Thanks. đź’–
  6. Sadly the latter. I do maintain inactive items and have over 500.
  7. Yeah, my partner (who has manager access™ to my store) just told me she got a message™ on the MP website that one of our listings was removed for trademark violation. Ok fine, but... Which one? I went through my emails, my view into the MP merchant home, etc. Not a peep™. We can't even figure out what was removed, and if it had stock™ that had been returned, nothing in trash™, etc.. It's a mystery. I kind of understand LL's position. My guess™ is someone like someone from a well known trademark holder (star wars, who knows) caused a ton of trouble because of a few merchants, so they want to proactively™ fend it off. But obviously it's having collateral damage™. The fact is, most listings™ don't violate trademarks, intentionally or otherwise. But this is a sore point that will chip™ away at our morale and trust. And in its current trajectory, SL will eventually™ be forced™ to ban™ every™ word™ in the dictionary™. Lindens, if you're listening, please talk to us. Involve us. Let us help figure out what to do about it. The users created all the content on the grid, so we might have an idea or two about policing it properly. Maybe use the power of crowd-sourcing. But please don't do this in a vacuum. We're adults, we can understand the realities of legal battles and corporate pressure. We're here for you. Just talk to us.
  8. Wow thanks. I get it somewhat.. I think I'll have to meditate on that every day for the next month to really internalize it, but it seems to make sense. Thanks!!
  9. I searched the forums and Jira (maybe not well enough of course), and couldn't find an answer. When I have an inventory item from another creator that's only "No Copy," sometimes (most/all of the time?), I rez it, take it back, and now it's "No Copy No Modify."
  10. If I go to the Merchant/Stores search tab in the Marketplace and search for my store name, can I set the four products that show next to my name?
  11. My only problem with this is, if you send multiples that are non-copy (confession: gachas), the system numbers the duplicates (i.e.: [RH] 1. Silly Hat, [RH] 1. Silly Hat 1, [RH] 1. Silly Hat 2, [RH] 1. Silly Hat 3...). In some cases, depending on the permissions, I think it was impossible to rename the object's name back.
  12. According to the wiki it's supposed to be daily at 6 SLT as long as you logged in prior to that time. It also sounds like it used to be sync'ed when you changed your main pw (which sounds like a clever hack). I had bought some items to test some things out on Sunday that are still in my inventory, and they're still not in my Aditi inventory. I definitely logged in to both daily, and even tried changing my password a couple of days ago to see if that still worked. Nada. I know inventory sync'ing does work, I have some objects I bought a few weeks ago, I just can't figure out the timing or trigger. Is there a guaranteed way to trigger a sync (other than submitting a ticket - I'll probably do this weekly, and don't want to burden those poor support peeps).
  13. I don't remember at all. Maybe a dozen. We have this broken system for putting gachas on the MP (she buys, I list). Early on we must've lost a lot. Now she knows to send a few at a time. I sent some (about a dozen) to her the other day and forgot, and *poof* lost a few. Oh well, live and learn.
  14. Sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but... I read on the wiki that it's supposed to be 6am SL time. I've seen some objects sync from public to beta, but not everything (i.e.: I had 10 objects monday, 10 more tuesday, and wednesday I saw the 10 from tuesday but not the ones from monday - all the same perms, etc). I tried logging both real and beta avatars in and out, but it doesn't seem to sync consistently. I'm mostly looking to understand the voodoo behind the sync on a tech level (i.e.: are they using mysql dump) so I can work with it. Thanks!
  15. Holy moly!!! I'll be MUCH more careful in the future!
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