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  1. Wow thanks. I get it somewhat.. I think I'll have to meditate on that every day for the next month to really internalize it, but it seems to make sense. Thanks!!
  2. I searched the forums and Jira (maybe not well enough of course), and couldn't find an answer. When I have an inventory item from another creator that's only "No Copy," sometimes (most/all of the time?), I rez it, take it back, and now it's "No Copy No Modify."
  3. If I go to the Merchant/Stores search tab in the Marketplace and search for my store name, can I set the four products that show next to my name?
  4. My only problem with this is, if you send multiples that are non-copy (confession: gachas), the system numbers the duplicates (i.e.: [RH] 1. Silly Hat, [RH] 1. Silly Hat 1, [RH] 1. Silly Hat 2, [RH] 1. Silly Hat 3...). In some cases, depending on the permissions, I think it was impossible to rename the object's name back.
  5. According to the wiki it's supposed to be daily at 6 SLT as long as you logged in prior to that time. It also sounds like it used to be sync'ed when you changed your main pw (which sounds like a clever hack). I had bought some items to test some things out on Sunday that are still in my inventory, and they're still not in my Aditi inventory. I definitely logged in to both daily, and even tried changing my password a couple of days ago to see if that still worked. Nada. I know inventory sync'ing does work, I have some objects I bought a few weeks ago, I just can't figure out the timing or trigger. Is there a guaranteed way to trigger a sync (other than submitting a ticket - I'll probably do this weekly, and don't want to burden those poor support peeps).
  6. I don't remember at all. Maybe a dozen. We have this broken system for putting gachas on the MP (she buys, I list). Early on we must've lost a lot. Now she knows to send a few at a time. I sent some (about a dozen) to her the other day and forgot, and *poof* lost a few. Oh well, live and learn.
  7. Sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but... I read on the wiki that it's supposed to be 6am SL time. I've seen some objects sync from public to beta, but not everything (i.e.: I had 10 objects monday, 10 more tuesday, and wednesday I saw the 10 from tuesday but not the ones from monday - all the same perms, etc). I tried logging both real and beta avatars in and out, but it doesn't seem to sync consistently. I'm mostly looking to understand the voodoo behind the sync on a tech level (i.e.: are they using mysql dump) so I can work with it. Thanks!
  8. Holy moly!!! I'll be MUCH more careful in the future!
  9. I sent a friend some inventory items to list on the Marketplace, and towards the end I got a message "You have sent out excessive inventory offers and have been temporarily blocked. Try again later" The object(s) I tried sending aren't in either inventory. I don't see them in Lost and Found, Trash, etc. Will they eventually be returned?
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