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  1. I've been having a weird issue that's been getting worse over the years. When I move items in and out of the Marketplace, the viewer freezes for 10 seconds, goes white, then pops back to life. It doesn't sound like a lot, but if I'm moving dozens of items, it adds up. Worth noting: My Marketplace inventory has ~ 2000 active listings and ~2000 inactive listings. My inventory has 35k items, but they're well organized so I don't have tens of thousands in one folder No problem with my machine specs, I have 64 gigs / ram, good CPU & GPU (it's Windows for what it's worth) I tried this on my Mac and it works fine, no crash (that said I didn't do an extensive test, nor do I use my Mac a lot so who knows). Sadly this isn't an option, SL turns my Mac laptop into a small nuclear furnace. Tried cleaning my inventory cache etc (even tried it with a brand new install with all remnants of the Tried both Firestorm and the official viewer. Same results That's it. Logic says it's a bug with the Windows viewer. Mostly I wanted to know if I was the only one. I can deal with it until it gets discovered and fixed, I just want to make sure it's not something I'm doing. Any ideas? edit: actually more like 20-30 seconds. I never really counted until now
  2. I started with an object someone else made, it was transferable and modifiable. Next I applied a non-transfer texture that I bought, and unsurprisingly the object became non-transfer. This is where it got weird: I replaced that texture with a completely different one WITH transfer permissions (I uploaded it myself), and the object is still non-transfer. Has anyone had this happen? Is there a workaround? Or does an object stay non-transfer permanently and never goes back?
  3. Wait until LL's legal team digs into the US's First Sale Doctrine. Bye-bye non-transferable flag, hello open sales of everything. 🙃
  4. Has anyone ever discussed paid code / feature bounties? There are numerous things I've thought about over the years that I've assumed are low priorities on the dev list. Things like: An official mail inbox feature (in lieu of offline messages or sent notecards that can get lost) Mobile chat/inbox client Mobile world viewer client API for Marketplace (i.e.: notifications - something that once had a working system but is now defunct) Maintained developer wiki Other projects have benefitted from community-driven code bounties, where people could contribute towards a feature/fix. Kind of like a GoFundMe. Has an idea like this ever been brought up?
  5. Hah! I noticed that too! That said, I'm glad the system works as well as it does (especially the real-time searching in inventory / marketplace). It's just... some other parts.. ugh!
  6. Hi, I run a store with several thousand items (don't judge). Whenever I do anything in the viewer (latest Firestorm) with marketplace listings, like add an object to an existing listing, the whole viewer locks up for several seconds while it presumably syncs with the servers. I'm pretty sure it's a function of how many items I have, since this has been getting progressively worse over time. That said, I did try clearing cache, etc to no avail. So I'm pretty sure it's just the nature of the beast, I just wonder if there's a better viewer that has better marketplace logic. Thanks!
  7. Weird question. Why is it we have to pull an object out of inventory into the world then open or edit to view its contents? Would it be difficult to have an option in inventory to open an object there or at least inspect its contents? I know a little about programming - is this a limitation of the server? Viewer? Protocol?
  8. Good idea. I just tried though and it didn't come up. I dunno, maybe it's a trademark in another country. But if that's the case, it doesn't explain why I can list it, but I still can't search for it. Glitch in the Matrix.
  9. Ah, let me clarify. When I search the listings in the store manager inventory part, it doesn't come up: But if I search for 03 which is in the item name, it appears. Oddly too, if I search my store's home (i.e.: through the public marketplace like you did, but just in my store), the item comes up if I search for 03, but not if I search for codex. When I search the entire marketplace for codex, I do find products from other people as you have. Weird, huh?
  10. Here's a weird one. We were trying to list a gacha on our marketplace, the 03 CODEX_PS4, and it kept getting rejected due to restricted keywords. Ok, PS4 must be a restricted trademark word. We tried everything, removing PS4 from everything (including the product name), but it still wouldn't work. Finally I removed and recreated the listing and this time removed the word CODEX from the keywords. It worked! Ok, understandable, CODEX might be a trademark word.. but this is where it get strange: In the process I also noticed that I can't search in the Merchant Home -> Manage Listings for codex! (Or ps4 for that matter). If I search for 03 it comes up, but searching for codex (or any part of the word - code, cod, co, ode, odex, dex, etc...) returns nothing. Weird, huh? Mind you I'm not complaining - I understand LL's tenable position on trademarks (even though I don't agree with it). I just wish there was some better visibility on what's going on & why things happen.
  11. Yes, all y'all are right, I messed up and added an extra 0. I'll go back and research the scripts available on the wiki and in the Marketplace and see if any are suitable.
  12. Hi, I'm having a little trouble finding a teleporter script that I can put in my own object (a sign saying "touch to teleport to the skybox"). The catch - the skybox is >700m high (as per my sim owner's rules), but not using experiences. I kind of understand the challenges and limits. I could swear I've seen ones that will do that. Is there anything available (free, or pay)? Or if not, I know a little scripting and with a little pain I could probably put one together if anyone can suggest how to overcome the limitations. edit: It's worth mentioning that this would be used by guests (i.e.: non-owners, and not group members), and I"m trying to stay away from menus or chat links to click on. I'm pretty sure the way to do it is to sit on the object and it makes a few ❤️00m "jumps" until it gets to the destination. Edit 2: I'm a total idiot. I originally thought my skybox was 7,000m high, but it's 700m. In my defense it's been a long weekend.
  13. Ok cool, that confirms what my web developer friend said. It looks like something on the Second Life's server (especially since the according to him, there were not hits from SL to the URL he set up). I had submitted a ticket but they said "Unfortunately, Customer Support is not able to troubleshoot your end point for the ANS information." and closed the case. I responded nonetheless, maybe they'll take another look at it. In the meantime, is anyone's ANS actually working?
  14. I searched and didn't see any mention recently. Does the Marketplace ANS still work? My friend created a publicly accessible test HTTP endpoint and when I try configuring ANS, I get "HTTP ERROR 400". I tried http, https, with and without www... The URL is valid, and he can tell there's no attempt being made to access it from SL.
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