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  1. All sorted Thank you everyone and I managed to get a caravan 👍
  2. Thank you Rolig I have downgraded my account and it says We will convert your account to Basic and the end of your billing cycle: I took it that they wouldn't charge me after that but I better check with them that they don't but I will get them to let me keep my premium account anyway
  3. I've sold my land and downgraded my account to basic but I have till February till my annual subscription finishes When I cancelled I was looking to save some money but forgot I had subscribed annually. I was having a look at the new linden premium homes on Bellisseria and really liked what they have done Q1. Are these new premium homes ever available? When I go to get one on my account page all they ever show are the old Linden homes and nothing about the new home Q2. If they are available and I can get one, is it possible to reinstate my premium account before it runs out
  4. Da5id. Thank you so much for your comprehensive answer it has given me a lot of ideas of how to enhance my performance output Thank you .
  5. Yes I will Thank you. I'm not a DJ by the way just thought there might be a live musician who read the forums and had an answer but I was wrong sorry .
  6. I'm streaming my guitar and mic using Butt (broadcasting using this tool) through a Behringer 1024 usb mixer and getting quite low volume inworld I've checked all my levels in my PC sound settings I've even tried running the mixer through a focusrite audio interface with out any difference. I am audible inworld but I have to turn the levels right up any ideas to increase my volume without clipping / settings other people are using would be appreciated Thank you.
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