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  1. Might as well tell them it has and point them to the now closed ticket. The CEF Update will likely be rolling out to all third party viewers, and almost everyone I know uses Firestorm and that too will be getting it.
  2. Linden Labs has falsely stated they can't fix what they have broken because it is a dying product (NOT DEAD) so they have essentially killed it prematurely. 🤦‍♀️
  3. And as proof of said ratings, apparently we can't even say a synonym for a rooster here, but yet this was allowed to continue.
  4. Thanks for calling her out as a snowflake! if you're going to go somewhere with differently rated content and then whine about people actually wanting those ratings enforced, maybe second life isn't for you? Seriously, it's like taking your 7 year old to a movie and a ***** shot is presented humorously in a PG movie, that's basically about the best parallel here. Nothing physical was given, you voluntarily went to the movie...
  5. Re-read what I actually wrote, I never said that I found it odd, I said "more than a few people" not including myself. I was just making exactly the case you just made that they have no right to define what's odd when they themselves would be odd to others.
  6. You getting off on pixels is probably odd to more than a few people, just saying, so I don't know how you feel you have the right to say what is "odd."
  7. Linden Labs themselves allow people age 16 in, it's not your call and only a tiny fraction of it in the grand scheme is "adult" adult, so thankfully we don't have to live by your rules.
  8. I believe a lot of the confusion arises from the fact that so many only come to second life for the sex. They then are only ever around sex and become desensitized to how certain items might make others feel (and even make fun of or demean them for feeling that way), and it also means they might not see any other reason for a region to be adult other than sex. For that reason, so many are under the delusion that adult = no kids when in fact the community standards say just the opposite for the reason that there are many adult regions that don't involve sexual situations like those you pointed
  9. " Policies towards child avatars are largely focused on the actions of the avatars, not the avatars themselves. Child avatars are allowed within Second Life.1 A child avatar, even within a mature or adult region (but not participating in adult (in this case, sexual) ) activities is allowed. A child avatar is allowed do everything any other avatar is, with the following exceptions: Child avatars in sexual situations (sexual congress obviously, though it is unclear beyond this) are not allowed and abuse reportable (ARable). Public promotion (classified listing, profile, etc.
  10. Ok so a pic will make you less whiny? Here you go!
  11. You're missing the whole point of this topic, it's not about condoms but USED ones. Even I admit that condoms themselves are not adult content, but kids are not shown used condoms in school, you'd be arrested for that.
  12. A "quick simple HALF search," yes, but in what world is a used condom not considered gross as compared to a clean one? I see many instances where a new, clean one isn't necessarily adult at all, and they have been used as water balloons etc. The question here was never about condoms in general, so I don't know why a search for condoms in general was ever considered adequate. It feels that at the very least you only HALF read what was being talked about and jumped in with an opinion, if indeed you truly are basing it off the question alone. Do you often comment on things you're not fully inform
  13. You were making a search based solely on part of the topic, and saying the general consensus of what nearly everyone was saying in here, was misguided based solely on that. Whether intended or not, it was making a case to the contrary.
  14. You're the one trying to downplay the issue here, you were trying to push a narrative whether you call it that or not! The fact stands that adult content is all over second life even on general regions, because of the foolish decision made by a company who thought they could redefine what was and wasn't acceptable on a broad scale. You've actually helped prove my point that nobody even dares list a used condom as anything less than adult, so thank you for that.
  15. I just performed the same search unaltered since you made it suit your narrative, "used condom" (which is the whole topic, not condoms themselves) brought zero results until I reached adult maturity rating. They are adult!
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