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  1. Aaiiii I definitely started complaining on this board to soon, should have checked the obvious. Alyona Su is right. ""Pointing device runs out of charge, becomes disconnected from the machine, on-screen pointer disappears."" New batteries and no problem. The mousse itself might also ready for replacement. Old and Sorry for starting the thread. Thanks for the replys. Have a good day
  2. Recently the mouse pointer disappears .. not visible impossible to use sl viewer anymore someone knows the solution ? on mac imac very recent hardware and software and latest sl viewer i presume (always forced to download latest viewer) ((((no fun to play sl anymore, always always always problems - been here since 2005 and was bad been better but now .. time to quit)))
  3. Waaw .. yes ... yes that works. Thats a lifesaver tip. Thank you so much Mollymews. Great /me smiles
  4. Thx Lindal, but no. "Disable camera constraints" was not checked. I set mouse controls on very slow and used another mouse, but .. no improvement at all. It is strange, pointing at an object and moving the mouse the slightest tick (a milimeter movement) makes the view jump very very close or right in the object. Ok well, i m not using sl and waiting for an update that fixes it since four months now and can wait some more months. thx
  5. Hi Since 3 or 4 months I cant use sl anymore. The same problem with the sl viewer as well as with the firestorm viewer. I have no control anymore of the camera controls. Before : Alt + Left mouse button, moving the mouse should control the view quite precisely. But now, In my case, since couple of months, controlling the view is impossible. Alt + Left mouse button and moving the mouse gets the view zooming immediately very close and most of the times in an object. Moving the mouse/view back out of the object is not easy controllable. The view holds long in the object and when
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