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  1. I admire your patience but this is going on 3 months now. SL has to make this a priority. Not having access to group limits functionality greatly. I'm getting almost no groups chats.
  2. I've had this for weeks!! Virutally none of my groups are getting through! Unacceptable! I pay premium for FULL service. This is extremely limiting. SL, fix it already! This is Month 3t hat this is going on for members.
  3. I am still having this issue. Is group chats working for you yet? Not being able to receive to see ANY posts in group chat MOST TIMES has impacted on my SL life greatly. How can I chat in group and receive group info (besides group notifications) if I can't SEE any chat? Extremely frustrating. I don't pay premium to very limited functionality. From what I understand this is going into month 3 of this same issue. This is completely inacceptable.
  4. Have you gotten this fixed? I can't see any of my groups most times and it's extremely frustrating as I am missing out on SL news and group info.
  5. It's happening to me too. I can't see most groups. Occassionally one will come through. SO utterly frustrating. Thought it might have something to do with using a VPN but I've been using it a while and nothing like this happened before.
  6. I'm having the same problem. How do I submit a ticket? I have never done so before. Thank you!
  7. I have the same exact problem except it is every group I cannot see. They can see my posts, but I can't see my own posts or theirs (have to ask them to IM me to see if they see posts! ). Firestorm Viewer group say it's been a problem since September 2020 it's still happening and it's now November1st. Anyone else having the same problem? It's so frustrating! I am so out of the loop in the groups!
  8. I'm sorry that happened to you! I know how difficult it is to get things straightened out after that..it's a nightmare. This also happened at my health system. A unit clerk in a hospital made photocopies of patient registration sheets with SS#'s and shared them with someone else to steal identities. She was terminated and prosecuted. In the past I collected SS# on my data collection sheets but I protected them under lock & key. No one gets to them but me. After a couple of years all data is destroyed (we keep them for auditing purposes). I still have access to some SS#'s as Medicare has not changed all members #'s to scrambled numbers/letters but soon I won't have access to any which is all the better. While I'm truthworthy and ethical some are not.
  9. So, if I want to buy Linden's, and use them in SL but NOT cash out my Linden's, (meaning convert my Linden's to $USD and transfer to my bank account), then I won't have to provide Tilia with my SS# (or other personal info like utility bills, drivers license, etc)?
  10. Social Security numbers are NOT safe to share unless it's a mortgage company or other financial institution on the same level. I'm a healthcare professional & receive healthcare related Industry IT news via email and EVERY SINGLE DAY I receive news that one or another healthcare related organization has had data breaches affecting thousands of patients. If healthcare organizations can't keep patients personal data safe, how will Tilia do so? When I get in to work & check my email, I will copy the information of which company's data has been breached with numbers of patients affected so that you can verify how dangerous a practice this will be. I don't share my SS# with ANY Physician's office or hospital and this is actually advised by those in the security industry. Hospitals and Physician offices etc, don't need my SS# to verify my identity and neither does Tilia. I review patients medical records all day, every day as part of my job & my very large health system actually no longer documents patient's SS# in their medical record because of the potential for breach of patient's personal information. Medicare is currently in the process of changing individuals Medicare #'s from SS#'s to a series of scrambled letters & numbers in order to protect patient's SS# in the event of a data breach wherever the patient may seek healthcare. So when I abstract a patient's medical record for quality assurance reasons, I no longer have access to a patient's SS# and that is the way it should be and code "not available" and it's not an issue. LL needs to seriously reconsider this aspect of their relationship with Tilia. There are other ways to verify identity besides using SS#'s and those methods should be used. I'm extremely unhappy about this and so should the rest of the SL community. @LindenLabs
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