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  1. I can't even name one service I spend money on that requires the same level of information I use to get a job, pay taxation is theft quotas, buy a car, buy a firearm, get a CCW, buy a home, get health insurance, get car insurance, get home insurance etc. You know, things that alter your life and life style in a big way that have life changing aspects to buying or not buying them and the laws that surround them that affect not only your life but those around you. Unlike paying for internet bucks for a sex bed, meme dance or digital cloths etc So, I do feel as if this is a bit of extortion, If I don't sign up with this new area that I have to make an account for and surrender private information to that has a false sense on security (Remember that not even the banking industry or big tech can keep your information or money safe.) If I request a deletion of this Tilia, Will it delete my account on SL? How much is this undisclosed charge because I didn't see it when searching for "$" in the FAQ's. Do I have to create a Paypal just to skip surrendering so much private information to? Will it eventually extend to Paypal? What laws and regulations are they referring to when they make that base claim with no link to such laws and regulations? Will they delete other forms of payment in the future? What are the pros to surrendering so much private information other than "You get to use a credit card and we might delete your account for any reason we choose and we may refund your money or hold onto your information for some reason or another, We don't know lol"
  2. I don't have to give this much information to Amazon, Steam, xbox live etc etc to use their services or be threatened with charges for inactivity. They expect me to give up my private information to this degree and tell me it will be safe when not even the biggest tech companies can even manage this or even the banking industry itself. They then tell me that they might refund unused funds in my account and may not even delete the information after requesting termination of said account? They can't even safeguard SL assets and they tell me the information I provide to them will be safe somehow.
  3. Neat, bury everything in one big thread that's easily ignored. The thing forums have done for ages to keep issues nice and secluded.
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