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  1. I downgraded my premium account which is still good until august 26th and when i went to check i now cant even get any premium home until the remainder of my fully paid for Premium. If in fact i paid for a time period of premium how is it justified to end it's full service prior to my premium ending ? If this is considered normal i will likely have to dispute this on principal.
  2. I was not aware of censorship in the forums as i am not here any amount. People debate pointlessly a lot and escalate seemingly harmless conversations in forums for sure , but it is actually to raise their personal prestige in their own mind , they don't really care about the debate.
  3. I suspect the critics of this post had wish they posted it first , since they offer nothing but the usual generic criticisms of which no one is surprised.
  4. I had been away from checking for a few days and did 10 refreshes and got the message. It wont go back to the normal home selection until the timer is up now. A waiting list would have been nice but that apparently won't work. The new homes are actually an exclusive area now and have polarized residents between the haves and have nots. Whoever thought of this should get a medal for marketing for having created such a hot virtual product , and the builders may have helped a little to .......
  5. how many people ( On Earth ) would like which new home.( Straw poll link if it's allowed ) https://strawpoll.com/cb8f4hk5
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