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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raccoon Run/168/212/28
  2. You do not have to be in world, I was just letting you guys know the homes are still here
  3. Also, if you can set your interval at 1 second, that would benefit you. Our region the other day went in 3 seconds. 1 second was the only chance I had.
  4. Definitely Have not released today. Im standing where the new region is and its still not activated. I see Moles around at work though
  5. Gallaudet and Fofita look nearly done. I wonder if they plan on releasing more than just the one region today. Did Patch mention this at all?
  6. This morning before I got my house through the release, there were 3 homes that must have been abandoned. I checked here to make sure that it wasn't a full region. That was around 8:15 EST. I then set the Auto Refresh. I am shocked I got it in that 3 seconds, because I have had zero luck before today. The Linden Gods, deemed me to have a beach parcel. And so I have a beach parcel lol
  7. Keep trying! You will get one soon! Ill cross my fingers for you! ♥
  8. I had to set mine at 1 second intervals! There was no way I would have gotten to it with just clicking. Make sure the Ringer is LOUD. Mine scared the crap out of me! LOL
  9. Well, that may be weeks from now! I have to have it perfect, lol
  10. Just got my Linden Home. Region- Jamesborough https://gyazo.com/ec86368f0df2bf1b0b00d391e9bcbf7e I used the Auto Refresher this time where you can put the word in. It was dinging loud. Every other time I tried, I was too slow. It looks like a couple more regions will be released very soon. Moles are hard at work over here.
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