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  1. Those facts are not mine, they are facts. Do your own homework, you'll find the same information. You just stated those that signed affidavits, right? More than a decade as an investigator, it doesn't take even a moron to determine probable cause in the security footage. Ask your self why do you choose to not even ask a question as to why these things happened? Why would the team lead of election staff tell the observers required to be there to go home? Then why did they wait some nominal amount of time, restart the machines when they said they were done when legally they are not to continue w
  2. Common groups in society will tend to stay within that group's belief. It takes a stronger individual to think objectively "outside the box" and do a deeper investigation , and push further once an irregularity presents itself.
  3. Rhetoric and speculation. That FACT is, there's enough probable cause in all the video capture presented to warrant federal investigation. Second FACT is they did sign legal bearing documents and were not selected. How many deceased individuals voting multiple times does it take to get you to admit there's a problem? You should be more worried about the FBI hacks that refused to do their job, instead of remaining objective, they leaned to one side just happens to be the side that includes individuals not interested in upholding the Constitution.
  4. Not sure you understand the function of the border wall... do you? Certainly not for ICBM's being lobbed from North Korea, nope. Logically wouldn't be for air traffic, would it? Why do you put a fence around your yard or business with razor wire? Won't stop a 40mm round from being lobbed in will it? Why put a padlock on a locker, when with enough effort, anyone could find their way in, but maybeeee not with out notice. Is that enough deconstruction of your statement about the wall? The coyotes aren't flying in on SCUDS, they're moving via ground, on it and under it. It is a deterrent and a mes
  5. By now you've learned I've not mentioned the capital, not once. Reasons? As you probably don't know, in part connections a certain party(s) blm/ANTIFA so far was an arrangement and the investigation is on going. Pakistan was fraction of an example of the blatant ignorance of our foreign policy that all of it adds up for generations to come and the misuse of Americans hard work. We cannot be held responsible paying for other's worldly issues to the degree that we have. Whether it's your personal debt or the national debt, they share the same levels of responsibility. Can you afford the liabilit
  6. Another reply with no supporting facts or sources. This is the leftist motto.
  7. We need border control, while the project is not done, it is in fact needed. It is fact that illegal aliens skew the job market and affect subsidy programs causing unnecessary expansion. Questions are the only way a debate or problem get solved. Why are you against my questions? How are my claims BS with no fact provided from your end? How is that cheap, when some percentage of my income goes to Pakistani gender programs in the middle of American crisis? I didn't vote for that, no one did. How is that cheap?
  8. In what way did I promote greed? Do you believe I should lose part of my property or your property because someone else doesn't have an equal share? If work 120 hours per week to build a successful business, and let's be conservative here, say only a 1.5 million dollar business, should I penalized for my hard work?
  9. Don't you have suspicions based on fact that the machines were proven to be hacked and open to manipulation? The difference is now is investigators are pointing at an object, and very clear suspicious activity and the other party didn't have to answer for it. If you "look" like you're stuffing your pockets in a retail environment, asset management in most cases provided not distracted, send loss prevention to you for a visual inspection, then when they have probable cause, now an investigation is warranted. Do you want fair and accurate elections in the United States?
  10. Ok great, you've recognized that the government takes part of your income. Why are you concerned about what other's, businesses and corporations make? Have you bettered yourself to your maximum potential? Are you indicating you have no way possible to make a better life for yourself?
  11. You do understand how taxes work? Are you stating that the govt. takes all of your money or mine?
  12. Don't ruin Finding Nemo for me. Other than that, give an expanded point. What is your point?
  13. You're still generalizing. You've not answered anything to the questions provided. I've concluded you will continue to ignore facts and stay focused on a phrase no matter who makes the statement. Stating something is old, over and over, is a method of stone walling and avoiding progressing through an argument, which you are not. I made an attempt and gave you a chance to give a real reply with some solution to your issues. I bid you, a good day.
  14. In your general non-supported replies, are you referring to my sourced based on fact statements? Outdated, would you back up that claim. You have yet to supply answer that includes your demands or solutions. A free economy is never outdated. The measure of your effort should be rewarded in kind. If you refuse to recognize the problem, you cannot work on a successful solution.
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