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  1. I could tell you... Or better said, Patch and the whole team would kill ME!
  2. Hey everyone! Now that another theme is about to be released I wanted to send you a shout out in the name of the moles and lindens hidden in the tunnels... content and creation moles, scripter moles, Lindens working in colaboration with with the mole team, administration and organization moles and lindens, moles and lindens in charge of region creation...there are a lot of moles that do not get to go out much since we are still working the gears while the decoration team works the regions. And we rejoice in seeing you explore and enjoy the effort we are all making to bring you something beautiful. So... a shout out to you all from the moles and lindens in the tunnels. Huzzah!!! 🤜🤛
  3. With more glowing mushrooms and stuff, but yeah, pretty much it!!!
  4. I am usually hidden away at the mole regions creating content..... in a mole hole or some such 😁
  5. Thank you everyone! Its so fulfilling seeing everyone enjoying this so much. We will keep up the hard work!
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