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  1. monteh set fire on himself while playing guitar
  2. haven't fully render yet but the last 2.2 hr during the anniversary
  3. relaxing in alex boat during parade event, haven't render 4k yet but here it is
  4. takes awhile to render higher resolution but gonna put this b4 going to bed lol
  5. rock and sail, upload yesterday and looks like youtube can't render 4k lol
  6. thanks everyone for the compliment, the effort went into making this is insane, never in my wildness dreams that i will be filming for the 1st anniversary along with many amazing people to make this happen, i still very impressed on how iseult and cian managed to gather so many people to participate lol @Varistentia Varriale, didn't know you have media background, unlike me doesn't have any skills that is transferable to sl, thanks really appreciate your comments, the editing also took a toll on iseult and cian, but glad that everyone likes it
  7. 1 min clip without audio, such a nice scene too bad have to remove audio [due to youtube] lol
  8. driving zz car in the log area, feels much realistic, having a few crashes but still survived, lol
  9. finally a time where is earlier on my side, lol see u there
  10. the release of trailer back then, beautiful and many regions to explore, chatting with friends and staff, just wish stuff like this goes on forever lol
  11. @AboveAlchemy, didn't know you have an amazing skills at decorating, everything fit into the theme like a perfectionist, good job
  12. i think we need an enforcer, whose job specifically return those object without the need of going through citizen or staff, and can responds to abuse report regarding linden home violations
  13. tha bike handles well, its a gift from zz, as long as driving in slow speed u should be fine lol
  14. lol thanks, its fun riding around, no need to worry about hitting an end
  15. riding around log home, it was fun, it started to feel endless with the ever expanding map, on a side note, it will take sometime for youtube to render 4k
  16. my impressions on alice is pretty good, saw some nice alice 'body type' photo in signature discord, probably getting it someday gianni is pretty popular, due to the muscular shape, got a lot of compliments even when i dress as per normal t-shirts, short pants and slippers lol
  17. i mean the above photo from @Hippo Harvy
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