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  1. all groups with common sense have an event schedule somewhere on an object or a thing you can click on to get it for sex or non sex activities it's usually right where you land for the first time it might take a while for it to load and plus the sexual activities can of lost popularity cuz there's a lot of other activities you can do on Second Life I personally think the sexual side of it is pretty boring it's just people sitting on pose balls it doesn't mean it's completely gone if you look hard enough you'll find what you're looking for
  2. this problem is been in Second Life for over 16 years and they still haven't found a solution spaghetti code for you if the problem is still relevant I don't see a problem with Reviving a dead post most well-managed forums with common sense lock post after a few months so they don't get revived it's an automated feature for most of them if they don't want necroposting they would turn on that feature
  3. Second Life voice got more stable over the years it doesn't go down as much as it used to I'm dyslexic so I can't really read and write very well I use software to help me with that it would be nice if there was something in Second Life it can read text out to me so I don't have to copy and paste it into something also have controls for it where you can pick which channel you want to listen to also voice to text would be a nice feature one day to also an option to select text and have it read out to you would be nice as well I don't expect this to happen but I'm throwing i
  4. how Second Life Works the property owner can do whatever they want if you're a guest you're at their Mercy the number one reason why you're going to get banned as a new Resident your account is too young a lot of places want residents to be over 30 days old before they allow them to enter their property I get banned for some really ridiculous funny reasons being a furry for being a weeb there's people that hate furries and anime characters so they ban them instantly for no reason at all other than the fact they don't like them by the way if this ever happens to you when you visit a
  5. if somebody put crap in my parcel I would return it and if they do it again I will ban them especially if I spent 50k on the parcel
  6. the reason why I'm so negative about the mainland I personally have never had a good experience there is always been legy for me the people want to live there it's your choice I just think it's a bad idea just how bad it runs but you're right the mainland does have its benefits the number one benefit if you don't have to deal with another Resident landlord you just have to deal with Second Life you can pay for a whole entire year at once if your property is small enough for second benefit the benefits are living on a Sim ran by a resident if there's a problem with it usually gets fix fas
  7. the mainland is ran on Ancient Hardware even more ancient Scripts it's a place where people dump their trash and breed animals for Linden dollars I've been on Second Life for 13 years it's always going to run like ass and I just bought a new computer recently it still runs like ass the main land will be a dumpster fire tell Second Life dies
  8. role playing as a kid on Second Life is already basically dead cuz you're automatically considered a pedo immediately and there's nothing you could do about it even if you're not interested in sexual activities at all and you just like looking like a kid I highly recommend people avoid child avatars at all costs being one or being around 1 it sucks it's just the way people think it's not possible to be what you want to be in second life anymore that's why I stopped being a child Avatar over a year ago it's no longer welcome anywhere second life is a giant playground you have to
  9. the three things that can be causing this issue number 1 you might have got banned from there number 2 the Sim has crashed number 3 the owner is no longer paying for it
  10. here's the major problems with the marketplace if you give somebody a bad review they delete their listing and re-upload it and it resets the review people are using Bots to keep inferior products on the top of the list on new releases so you don't know what really is new there's a lot of gacha crap flooding the market at place to people trying to sell freebies on the marketplace for money this one is not common but it's still happening I wish there was a practical solution to deal with the botting problem on the marketplace the area where it's really bad is under anime ava
  11. I want to get Mainland land cuz I don't want to deal with the landlord I want to set up something and forget about it you can't do that on a normal Sim that's another reason why it's so laggy Mainland is used for breeding pets virtual farming and other ***** to people want to run passively for income generation it's a terrible place to live I started 12 years ago on Second Life with my first account and that's how it's been for that whole entire time the mainland it's always been the inferior experience for living in it doesn't matter what I do to minimize lag it's still going to be terri
  12. I wish there was a tool it would show you which areas are abandoned you could turn on
  13. those Parcels are not rare they're just expensive like 50k Linden's good ones
  14. the lowest price range I've seen for a homestead is 6700 a week I don't think any of them are selling that cheap right now I haven't bothered checking to find out
  15. I'm planning to get back on second life again but I'm going to need that much space I'm planning to come back on to Second Life next month depends on the price
  16. if you cannot afford a home on Second Life find a community it's okay with you being a freeloader on their property and using their property to wipe your virtual ass and change your clothes and body lol
  17. you cannot protect anything that uses a common texture it's easily stolen even the person originally created probably stole the texture from someone else
  18. big booty avatars have never invaded Second Life they've been here since the beginning every since people were able to make decent objects every fetish known to man has been available in Second Life and that's been more than 11 years some people choose to have an ass so big they can crush a child avatars skull with their butt cheeks I personally don't think it's attractive and I think it's ugly and gross but it's their choice I'm not going to get after every person that goes Giant ass I'm not a fan of oversized boobs either the middle ground is where I like my women and guys
  19. I'm using is the Linden gold hunt worm farms and compost bins https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Small-Worms-Farm-Earn-Lindens-farming-for-worms/3104736 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Small-Biowaste-Composter-Market-Economy-Farming-Game/16531716
  20. if I do that it's going to be on a Sim isolated from everybody else I wouldn't want any neighbors to deal with it so 100% Private Island all I need is 2,000 Farms to pay for the rent of a Sim I'll probably start out renting a SIM from someone but I'm going to immediately turn around and buy my own when I make enough money for that initial $1,000 upfront cost from Linden labs
  21. once a farm and the other is a compost bin every 1,000 farms will make me 9000 Linden's a week prim 2000 and 128mb scripts 1,000 compost bins prim 2000 and 192mb scripts
  22. can I have two different types of objects object a 128 kb per object b 192 kb per I'm going to have 1000 of each so 320mb now I could scale my objects up to 12000 then I'll run into the prim limit for a full region
  23. I'm going to have 2000 objects out I think their total combined cost will be about 2 GB of scripts memory I'm not planning to have it open to anyone else if it's probably like too much or if not I might double the amount of objects I have no clue how much a Sim can *****ing take I'm also interested in how much memory a homestead has
  24. here's some tips on raising traffic plan events be nice to people that do visit your place buy yourself a traffic game I personally recommend the Linden gold hunt fishing buoy and coins I highly recommend staying newcomer friendly it's really hard to find nice places like that
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