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  1. Someone told me when this happens as Orwar said something I was wearing probably caused this issue, but so far I have the head on and I’m just using the rerouter in the omega which is working out fine haven’t gotten the error anymore, fingers crossed.
  2. Thank you SteelJane I am going to try that out right now!
  3. Thanks for replying Orwar! I’ve tried that, I even went back to a noob default avatar and tried adding the head back on, and it still pops up. It’s happened before then it stoped but now it’s back again sadly. 😪
  4. I keep getting problems with stack heap collision on my LeLutka Chloe head. I’ve asked personally in the LeLutka group but no one seems to be of much help about this particular problem. It’s happened to me once before and it worked itself out. I was told to delete all copies of the head and go back to the main store for a redelivery which I’ve done, I tp’d to Hippo Hollow and still when I try to put on the fresh copy of the head and activate the mesh head with the LeLutka Omega System I keep getting the stack heap error. Please if anyone can help it would be appreciate
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