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  1. Hello everyone, I'm posting this here after trying in world, by myself, contacting others, and even the creators themselves. As avid SL traveler (read: by means of transport) I like to have my script count as low as possible. For that I rely on the HUDs that offer the ability to remove the scripts, in things such as clothes, and even mesh bodies such as the Maitreya Lara. Coming to the title, the Genus head, with the added eyes and teeth has 12 running scripts, taking 768KB of memory and using 0.020199 ms of CPU time. Currently there is not way to even partially remove these scripts, and trying more aggressive methods such as rezing the object in world produces no results since all these three components include a "no rez" script, 3 in total, for some reason, apparently the good people at Genus think this is a good idea and offers any kind of protection from bad actors, but I digress. My question is, is there away to remove these scripts that I am missing? For me it doesn't make any sense not to include this ability, Catwa heads allow themselves to be 100% de-scripted, any help would be appreciated even if I have little hope there is something that could be done about this.
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