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  1. Next to End of the Line Inn on Route 14, this 1648m property is perfect for GTFO, to add a motel, and more! It boasts perfect visibility for travelers along Route 14, and has a Linden info sign adjacent to the property. A great historic piece of SL land at a great price, with potential to extend beyond the property. Land Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wunb/27/95/54 I'm offering this land for $4,000L, open to offers or barters of similarly historic and/or neighborhood-based mainland properties. Contact soulsofree Resident for more information.
  2. I love you guys. This thread makes my day! So good to see everyone enjoying themselves. Today I was Dora the Explorer and found scavenger hunt items around Belli. I enjoyed Far's party and also delivered pies and found tilted homes in Fangor, lol! I think they might have a sinkhole.
  3. Ah, so I see this home also suffered from building code violations... lol I went to deliver a pie to new neighbors and found this:
  4. *peeks in for the arguments in the street and sits at a bench with popcorn, waiting*
  5. Thanks for sharing such fun memories! I love that bike @Cougar Sangria, and Riley is sooooooo adorable, @RaeLeeH! Hope to see you both around town.
  6. Awesome cafe, @PrudenceAnton! I'll have to stop by- its one of my fav music genres!
  7. Hi Edi! What a cute paddle boat! Thanks for sharing, Lyrical. I like riding my boat, too- one of my fav adventures is boating from Kuga up to Shady Corners by way of the river.
  8. I homestead! Well sorta- I have a little farm on mainland that I tend to with DFS. I'd love to have a few fields at home, but I ran out of prims. 😅
  9. Let's share some photos of all the fun and happiness shared in our beautiful community! I'll start- I love my horses and always delight in taking Majesty out to jump and frolic in the open lands. Since they won't be around for long, we like to find large expanses of open space to ride. 🤩 What's one of your happy moments? Feel free to tell us about it or share photos!
  10. Here's a couple of pics of my space- a personal haven and place to reset in the Shady Corners retirement community.
  11. Farmland, please. Cows, open roads, vast stretches of plains with mountains and family farms. Build in a farming experience to share/sell crops produced by the land to your neighbors and passersby. Use the crops to make meals to share with friends. I'd be willing to help build this, or I know there's some farming systems that exist on the grid that could integrate with this experience.
  12. Stopping at your house first to grab 'candy' and sing carols! And to get some tips on finding these NSFW ornaments. 🤩
  13. OMG I'm so looking forward to the holidays! I have the following in mind to personally run or participate in: -Pumpkin Spice and Chill - meet in pretty themed spaces (hopefully autumn, cozy vibes) around Belli to chat and chill with neighbors -Soulful Spirit Mansion - my version of a haunted house, filled with (positive, light-filled) spirits and tricks and treats -Tricks and Gimme Treats- I'm totally running around town with a toilet paper gun and (temporarily) tp'ing houses and taking alllll the candies Catch me if you can! -Chosen Fam Giving Thanks- lots of food (I'm a good cook) and laughs and sharing thanks at the Bellisseria Meditation Center -Horrible Caroling - I cannot sing at all but I can show up at your door and attempt, with lots of joy to share! -Christmas Chill Parties/Neighborhood Strolls- meet in a part of town and stroll/ride/bike together to see the decorations, then chill at someone's house with cocoa and treats. I have two spaces and am happy to open them up for parties and such. I'm also totally willing to jump on planning committees to help with larger-scale events!
  14. Thank you for posting this- it's my exact feelings! Introverting and seeing the collective consciousness share so much negativity keeps me from posting more than I'd like, but humans will work out their traumas in the ways they've learned through experience so I intend to share love and light in my responses. Echoing appreciations to the team- you're doing great and your hard work is valued. You're creating new storylines, connections, and experiences and you're doing a fantastic job so far. I look forward to finding out all the new Belli secrets! ❤️ Thank you. To neighbors who supported me during my home chase, who stop to chat with me while hanging out around town, and who share their positivity and intention to build a thriving and fun community, thank you. To you, @MaidenHu for sharing your light and appreciation amid negativity, thank you. Let's grab some coffee and people watch one day- I'm a good introverting buddy.
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