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  1. Thank you for the explanations and how in depth you went. I appreciate your efforts and will every bit of that information in mind. Funny thing is a few days ago...all the issues I was experiencing stopped. Again I will keep in mind what your shared, makes total sense what you are saying. Again Thank You!
  2. I appreciate your welcome and thoughts. I'm using the latest firestorm viewer that is adjusted for optimal performance and right now I cannot even change my clothes without a 5+ minute delay. I've even tried the second life viewer and now cannot even change outfits at all. Reset my router, checked everything on my end. I'm a retired IT person so I am certain it is not on my end. There is something wrong on SL side.
  3. Hello all, First off I am new to this game however I am a long time gamer...started in the late 90's. So this means I do have a clue about most things having to do with how games run etc... The lag lately has become so terrible! I've spent quite a few dollars here and dang...will someone fix something already? I am certain it is not on my end, I have high speed I-net and my system is well beyond the required specifications. I would like to spend more as I am having a blast...when the lag doesn't make the game almost unplayable. Please fix this. Vendahl
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