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  1. Greetings all, I am looking for some help or info on how I go about requesting that my sim be moved to the latest magnum version. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.
  2. Thank you for the explanations and how in depth you went. I appreciate your efforts and will every bit of that information in mind. Funny thing is a few days ago...all the issues I was experiencing stopped. Again I will keep in mind what your shared, makes total sense what you are saying. Again Thank You!
  3. I appreciate your welcome and thoughts. I'm using the latest firestorm viewer that is adjusted for optimal performance and right now I cannot even change my clothes without a 5+ minute delay. I've even tried the second life viewer and now cannot even change outfits at all. Reset my router, checked everything on my end. I'm a retired IT person so I am certain it is not on my end. There is something wrong on SL side.
  4. Hello all, First off I am new to this game however I am a long time gamer...started in the late 90's. So this means I do have a clue about most things having to do with how games run etc... The lag lately has become so terrible! I've spent quite a few dollars here and dang...will someone fix something already? I am certain it is not on my end, I have high speed I-net and my system is well beyond the required specifications. I would like to spend more as I am having a blast...when the lag doesn't make the game almost unplayable. Please fix this. Vendahl
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