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  1. It is more so that her account is on hold and she is unable to ask for herself because she can't get on the forums.
  2. She has. They told her to enter in a ticket. She has. We are just wondering how long this normally takes. She is super frustrated and just trying to hear if someone else has had these issues and how long it took to fix. So she has some idea of how long she will be waiting and wondering what other people experiences were with this issue.
  3. A friend of mine has an outstanding Linden assessment over 100 dollars. They told her to go to her dashboard and pay the balance when she could. She has done that and to no avail. She has tried using different cards. She called her back and they said the payment was going through but was being bounced back from Linden labs. My question is has this happened to anyone else? How was it resolved and how long did it take?
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