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  1. Thank you so much as this is all that I really meant. I would have hoped to be notified well in advance of new content for premium members coming out and not have to look for or sign up to something else to get that info that obviously many people, including both the brand new and long time premium members who did get the info and therefore a new home
  2. And a notice or email to premium members that already use the housing before an update or release before instead of 2 weeks after would be amazing ❤️ I understand setting up alerts after the fact but you can't really do that about something you dont know about
  3. I simply meant the release of the new premium content and housing etc. I do not use the dashboard or read forums and only got the email about these services after the first batch was released and therefore already gone.
  4. I'm sure I would have too if I had known about the release before it happened instead of after. It's not about how long you have been premium, its about having notice in the first place.
  5. Forgive me for venting about the housing situation because I know its only one portion of the upgrades and there will be more out eventually etc. But as a premium member for over a decade who has stuck around and eagerly awaited for something like this its very frustrating that the email notice about premium and the housing didn't even come until after all the houses had already been gone for weeks. So those who have never had premium before but signed up at the right time got new houses and those of us who have been waiting patiently for years are reduced to refreshing like crazy for weeks or
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