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  1. Yes please try the demo first,if u only knew how many items I have that just don't fit from day one when I started.But everything I know an learned on here,I learned from watching youtube Big Big help to me.Now I know everything like the back of my hands.I own all the genus heads, catwa heads,tons of shapes, skin appliers etc.An also a body 5 body types which all was so expensive,but hey, I love spending an looking good😊good luck hun
  2. Hi,For those that applied for the Nanny position,I will be sending note cards on Saturday for an schudule interview on Monday July 1st.So when you received it,please IM me a SL time that I can interview you on Monday.My interview schedule are from 8am-3pm SL time only,so please be aware that SL an RL times or different. In my case its a 2hr different.I'm Central Time.Thank You☺ P.S You will be interview at my home😘
  3. Hi I'm sorry,I been so busy still decorating my home an RL work,but message me tomorrow early an we can talk hun
  4. I'm a pregnant woman,due July 6th.But I'm looking for Sisters,Brothers,Cousins,Neice,Nephew,Aunts,Uncles,or whatever lol.It be so bored on here.I have a large peice of land over 15,000sq an a huge home with 5 bedrooms,a movie room,an a excercise room,an possibly addind a dance room.Im all alone an my baby daddy i hardly see him lol.Plus I do have a RL job working 12hrs every day overnight. Get at me
  5. I'm looking for family on here.Basically,sisters brothers aunts uncles or whatever.To bored by myself
  6. Hi,I'm currently Pregnant an have my baby July 6th,Zooby of course.I'm looking for an experience Nanny to care for my baby,4 days out the week for about 2hrs SL time.I will be checking in online to see what's progress you have done while in the care of my baby.You will have rezzing rights so that u can take him where ever an u will also have ur own nanny HUD to care for him.You only will be working 8hrs out the week.You must stay logged on for them 2hrs or you want be paid.I will keep track of all activities.You will be paid an amount of $1000L a week for your service Plus with a $500L hiring bonus.You will be paid on a Sunday of every week.I will let you pick your own schedule as well that best fits ur interested. Please use the link below to fill an application out.,I will be reviewing applications on Friday.An set up possibly interviews.TY Please click on link to fill out application.If any problems with application,Im me.P.S If you don't have a place of ur own,I also have an tailor that you can use on my property.TY https://form.jotform.com/91732773177162
  7. So true Aerith.I'm starting my own business,so I don't care if they just started like me or not,or if they or furry or not.if they wanna work,hey kool with me.
  8. Hi,yes I'm still a newbie on here,but I learned alots,I come from imvu which I still play.I own lots of business on there.I'm looking for a region,large price of land to start my trailor park,with very nice trailors they I also have.So if anyone is selling large land,let me know.If I don't get get back to u right away,I'm at work.But I want to pay the monthly fee for the land or whatever.Thanks
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