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  1. Yes I agree, problem for me is time zone difference and RL work by the time I get in to check they are long gone. Unfortunate really as the old home are really so out of date and cold compared to the new ones. Kind of wish I'd waited on renewing the membership until the new homes were guaranteed oh well.. nothing can be done but wait.
  2. These campers are fabulous love what everyone is doing with them....but it appears they are all gone already. Beginning to get discouraged having paid for an annual membership back in early June and still cannot get any of the new Linden options for home, boathouse or trailer.. I'm worried my membership will be over before I ever see one keep checking but still the same old houses. Any word on more coming?
  3. Personally, I don't care about a bathroom in my home but everyone has different tastes. There is more to SL than just the premium destinations so it's worth exploring a bit more. The extra $300L they give you each week is nice and once the newer homes are available that will be a bonus too... we'll see where it's at when my premium membership is up for renewal but if things don't improve, for sure won't be renewing.
  4. Thanks Lindal, yes I do agree it's time for an update after 8 years, way overdue. However, for a company like LL one would think they would have planned this a bit better to be honest. Aside from the waiting and never knowing if there are new homes available, you have to go homeless while you wait or give up your existing land to even see if a new home comes up on the list of homes available. So if you have to go through that every time its beyond frustrating. It could easily have been done by releasing homes based on age of premium members or length of time as premium member. LL is a huge tech company so I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't have thought this through before now. They also increased the premium annual fees shortly after the homes were released and kind of enticed people into thinking these new homes would make it worthwhile to be a premium member before the fees went up. Now all these people have paid annual fees for old outdated Linden homes. It is what it is but it doesn't seem their release of these new homes was really in the best interest of the Premium members and was most definitely not well planned.
  5. It would be nice if we could put our names on a waiting list because these homes are not coming up for everyone who is a premium member. If the homes become available then those waiting on the list have 48 hours to accept their new home or it goes down the list. Otherwise some of us who do not get into SL every day miss out. Paying for premium membership for a reason but it is 4 months now and still many of us have the old homes.
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