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  1. I stopped to shout jut by teleponting to other placse an then coming back. Its was some king of crazy bug. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Yes, Im using just de bride, and still shouting. 😭
  3. but it sure is a script, I just can not find it at all script info: 'Kayala Pearl': [1/1] running scripts, 64 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.001212 ms of CPU time consumed.
  4. I detached everything, but I keep screaming. Is there a way to stop all scripts? I even reseted the av.
  5. I keep continously shouting in the chat and I do not know how to disable. This is how it look like in the chat: 21:06] Kayala Pearl: teste [21:06] Kayala Pearl's Mic shouts: teste Its nothing that i wearing or a gesture. please help
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