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  1. London City is pretty busy. You can look at the destinations tab in world and look at chat spots and there is a small list of places. When in doubt I also go to the events page and see what is happening and join those some times.
  2. You had me at shopping and photography! Lets explore some time! Bernadette Beningborough
  3. Yeah! Lets walk around and explore sometime! Bernadette Beningborough
  4. Hey! You can add me in world and we can hang! I love to RP. (I have a a fire elf that I RP as sometimes) I am just now getting back into SL after being off of it for a while. Lets hang out! Bernadette Beningborough
  5. Hey! You can add me in world and we can hang out Bernadette Beningborough
  6. Hey! You can add me in SL Bernadette Beningborough (long name I know) Would love to hang out with you!
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