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  1. Whenever I see the word 'soon' used by a company I always, always think of: They even have a whole timeline, and meaning of each! Now<---------Kaplan Very Soon---------Soonerino---------Very Soon---------Soon---------Very Soon-ish---------Soon-ish---------Soonish...er--------->End of Time Maybe companies in California just have different definitions from everyone else
  2. Stipend was higher once before and they allowed people to retain the higher rate when it levelled at 300 Lindens, so who knows they might rinse and repeat. Wishful thinking I realise but would have me seriously considering keeping all my alts whereas more 'fluff' and at least 3 would go.
  3. I hope, with the super-duper premium upgrade, LL doubles our land to 2048 and it remains 'free'. The not too long ago 'free' land increase has turned out to not be quite as free as first thought since premium prices are going up. If they can't, or won't, do that then I sincerely hope there is a massive increase in stipend. The only valuable things about a premium account for me is land, stipend and of course chat support on the rare occasion I need it. The rest of premium benefits I don't care for and have never used. I am sitting on the fence about how many prem accounts I will keep, since the announcement of the increase in fee. It is very likely at this point I will just revert to just one and if the premium upgrade doesn't have something of 'value' to me then it will just be a $99 one.
  4. You have two homes but as both are furnished and you can 'justify' to yourself why you need two that's not selfish, in your opinion. I have four premium accounts, have never had a LH and could enjoy your second home so how about you give that up? Yeah I didn't think so. If people have more than one LH, and this is including you, good luck to them. However, if someone has a premium account and lives by LL's rules why do you care how they use the home they pay for?
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