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  1. Thank you for this, Claireshen, its encouraging and accurate! I have returned to SL after a long while, and in my case, taking some time to adjust to (and comprehend) the changes in everything SL is one thing that's kept me on track. For example, the avi options seem endless but what I needed to do is stay focused on what look I wanted to acheive for my goto Avi appearance. While shopping for the things I love most in fashion and accessories -- noticing what the designers were offering for various avatar shapes has made a huge difference. Choosing to invest in an Avatar shape and head that would have a lot of options instead of narrow ones is important to me. If its useful to other newcomers, as I write this its been 3 months since I've returned. I've bought two parcels and am almost done setting up my home to a level I am thrilled with. The avatar body issue has loomed over me, and though I've felt that way, trying to grasp the tech advances and not rush into a solution has been the true challenge. In this time, I have gotten two free Altamura avatars - Jenny and Emmanuelle. I love their realism and understand that Matreiya clothes seem to suit them and they're compatible with 3 Slink feet heights, but for me, the body type is a little different than what I want and am really sure Slink Physique is my best option. So, here's what I'm doing: my first avatar after leaving the Caledon Oxbridge Gateway and shopping in New London -- was finding an avi to get out of the system female one. I found Bea in the MP, who is pretty excellent and I've come to love her look with different eyes from EarthStones. She is more wonderful than she looks in the MP and her details are stunning, especially for L$149. Not needing to change her makeup is almost weird but I think the look is more than generic and looks great every day and night in so many different outfits. The creator, ApolloBlue, has several others -- i like Naomi and Channel too though I have not tried them (more on Bea a little later!) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BEA-Complete-avatar-NEW/6788173?page=1 Wearing Bea and searching for a great avatar brings me to Slink Physique. It's what I have decided on and using the demo, I feel its a great choice for me and will support my clothing and shoes options. In fact, one thing I have learned from the forums, friends and shop owners -- is to try demos, always. At first I thought that was unecessary but now I get it. Not only do demos avoid purchase mistakes but they've taught me what's possible. Trying them out patiently gives me a different 3D perspective of how to dress and wear my avi, and I won't be rushing though that any longer. Also, use the alphas, adding them instead of wearing them is important and don't forget hairbases. Most everything that looks great on my avi :bento hair, jewelry, boots, body/face lights and AOs run scripts and I am running reasonably decent with regards to my Avatar Complexity numbers. For example, Bento hair. Until I spent some time with it, the idea of bento hair sounded like tech talk but now I've taken my appearance to a higher level by going with bento. I regret not trying bento sooner but its ok, and the effects are amazing. Here are two L$1 hair styles I recommend that include so many colors in both tints and soft textures by Vallani. The 3 HUDs allow for many settings, and after color, you can choose movements which I really love and am having great fun with - ! The first 2 I tried, at L$1, are Annika and Ellie. Both Bento and Fitted versions are included (at L$1 who can pass that up?) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VALLANI-Annika-Hair-Bento-Animated/12622752 During this time the most difficult thing has been, and to the the topic of this discussion, feet. If for no other reason, feet, shoes, sizes, pedicures and fit are all great reasons to buy into full mesh bodies. I don't know anyone in RL/SL who can get by without shoes that fit on bodies that are realistic. So, the idea for me has been to find a system that will give me what I want overall, toes to head. In the meantime, I picked up a few things to get by with and was mindful not to pay for any footwear or accessories that wouldn't work with an Altamura or Slink body later. Here's a pack of cool boots that have worked with leather pants, jeans and skirts. They're not the sexiest look, but are amazing in detail and are and fit wonderfully so I bought them in both the colors and naturals packs and am using them right now in their non-rigged versions, L$499/ea (demos available) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Boots-60s-Knee-High-Leather-NATURALS/10388095 Another tip, don't throw alphas, notecards or other goodies away unless you've read or tried them. They can either be needed later to re-read or used with other outfits. Inside a lot of demos are little extras so take a close look before deleting. Here's an example. I tried out a costly evening look from Ally Adventure and tucked inside are these little gems. I already had several face and body lights but with this set I discovered super useful and gorgeous ones. The facelights have two different options, one for day and the other for night, I have found these to be beautiful and also useful in photography. Here's a link to pick the package up for L$1 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AllyAdventure-Color-Body-Lights-with-Directed-Light-Effect/6740006 And back to my progress with all of this learning and how much I love Bea, using her I tried Altamura's Jenny and the Slink Physique demo. Bea looks wondeful with either but for the shape and overall effect my choice is Slink Physique. The Physique bundle is L$2,750 including dynamic hands and 5 deluxe feet // flat, kitten, mid, high & pointe. Hands alone are $875 and $2,475 for all 5 feet separately so the hand and costing L$3,350 doesn't make sense when I can pick up the entire bundle for L$2,750. The HUD is smooth and recently redesigned. I will need to explore CoolVL, Kokua and the Catznip viewers because my viewer of choice, Firestorm, hasn't released their BOM version yet. All in all, the Slink enhancements will take me to the best possible level I am wanting and she's going too look very good. Plus, I can find mostly any clothes and accessories I want for realistic uses, plus RP and fantasy. I hope some of this information is useful to other newcomers and maybe everyone else can pick up a few deals too. I am enjoying my SL, I hope everyone else is too ❥
  2. Thanks Arielle, that's s a great amount of positive news and detail -- & far more than I expected to hear about when I posted my question last week. I did visit the Lumiya website but missed the SlideMe info completely. Though it has certain limitations, as you mentioned, it will serve my needs that I foresee having when using my Android phone -- especially in the areas of communication and inventory management. The iOS App that was discussed will provide cover for times when I am using my iPad Pro. It's a decently powerful tablet and and I look forward to using both applications in different ways. Though in my case I'm not wanting a SL Viewer alternative, and more of a way to perform certain tasks when I'm not logged in to SL using Firestorm, it seems other Residents have always had similar needs. As I searched for ways to connect before writing this post, I noticed a variety of software has been used over time, and of course, things likely falls out of popularity and support. Coupled with the fact that devices change quickly in so many ways on the both the hardware & software sides, it's not surprising that there is active interest within the community to access Second Life when not using a web client. Judging from the dialogue you shared, it seems to be more in demand than i expected. It's so encouraging to hear that the Linden's iOS development is not only imminent(?) but reading between the lines, I sense it's going to be a robust App and its development will likely lead to offerings on other OS platforms in the future. I am very motivated by the momentum of this discussion and that through the use of these other applications we all can have better access to our Second Lives. If the User Group you are involved with has open enrollment, can you provide its contact information? I'm interested in being involved and would like to contribute to the community.
  3. Thank you so much Aloyna, that is interesting! I have seen some similar features built-in to some parcel security systems but this one is especially geared towards comms which can be so useful.
  4. Thanks again for the tips! It's too bad that Lumiya isn't available at this time, my android phone won't be useful now unless Lumiya is offered again. I can try MetaChat for iOS to supplement Firestorm, and it's being supported as recently as JUL2019. I read that it may be a RAM hog but my iPad Pro may be up to task. If it's helpful, here's the App Store link for anyone else needing more SL access & I will post a few comments after trying it out🦉 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/metachat/id1257878466
  5. I'm a SLnewb who wants to stay in touch with SL friends from RL when I'm offline running around RL with phones and tablets, whether it's an iOS/Android app or even a Win web client. After searching for a discussion about this and following those breadcrumbs -- the applications are no longer available. Seems like the topic went off around 2014, and perhaps there isn't anything out there in use. I searched the web but the results pointed me back to strategies used in those older (2011-14) SL posts. I hope there is something in use now, anyone?🧜‍♀️
  6. Hello, I can't attend but am interested in hiring. I am new to SL and have a home ready to go. Could you reach out to me? TY
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